Sounds of Santosha Guided Meditation


Sounds of Santosha Guided Meditation


Santosha Surf Sanctuary & Wellness: Guided Meditation


This meditation is composed of recorded material from the grounds of Santosha Surf Sanctuary & Wellness in the south pacific coast of Nicaragua and from beaches around.

Additional material was recorded exclusively for the meditation.

We created this meditation with binaural beat sound technology to reach deeper states of relaxation.

Voice by Heidi Parker (Santosha Surf Sanctuary & Wellness)
Ukulele by Gaby Baca
Tibetan bowls by Anais Saballos
Didgeridoo, drums and crystal bowls by Balam
Sound technology by Heart in Nature

Playa Gigante ocean sounds at dusk
Thunder rain storm at Santosha Surf Sanctuary
Heavy rain at Santosha Surf Sanctuary
Sunrise at Laguna de Bacalar
Sunrise at Maderas Beach
Chocoyos (parrots) at Santosha Surf Sanctuary at dusk

Recorded, produced and mastered by Heart in Nature (Tamara Montenegro) in 2018

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