Introducing Heidi Parker

I AM a path for someone who wants to do or try something different, feel something new, someone who is willing to let go of an old life, old beliefs, old patterns and embark on a journey to heal, transform, discover, learn, grow and design a new life. That is who I am here to serve. My days are filled with the love for the ocean and the peace of the jungle. Surfing, paddle boarding, doing yoga, cooking, photography, traveling, energy healing, life coaching, and guiding people through Nicaragua are my passions. Spending time in nature and in the ocean is where you will find me if I´m not enjoying the home I had built and love. Casa Santosha is my personal home and I'd love to share it with you. I have lived in Nicaragua since October 2010 and am a resident, my business Seeking Santosha is a registered Health and Wellness Company in Nicaragua. This developing country has taught me many valuable lessons. Let me create a surf, yoga or wellness package for you or you can just come rent a room and share some laughs. My motto at Casa Santosha: *always be learning. Airbnb guests arrive as travelers and leave as friends so I never say goodbye or adios but rather see you soon hasta pronto. xo

I’m here to inspire people to gain the courage to live out their dreams. Living it inspires others to do the same. When you are happy, everyone benefits. It is my purpose and life’s mission to encourage the evolution of human consciousness by living a yogic lifestyle and setting an example for others to follow. Constantly meditating and dreaming with my eyes open enables me to keep creating fresh ideas flowing from the intuitive guidance I receive from the god that resides within me. Giving back to humanity through my yoga practice, by teaching, volunteering, traveling, seeking, living in the moment, loving, sharing, and giving. By sharing light and love I will inspire you to live at your highest potential so you may find your life purpose.

Traveling is an important part of my own personal development. Seeking inspiration from other cultures, nature, beautiful scenery and living out of my comfort zone has led to an involution of positive change and growth. My motto at Seeking Santosha is "always be learning." 

Featured in ...

Goddess to Goddess: Radiant Tales of Light Filled Journeys Paperback – December 23, 2014

by Zetta Rose (Author)



What does Heidi do?

When I'm in Nicaragua I host people in my very own private home, Casa Santosha, that is operated like a Bed & Breakfast providing: Nutritional Cooking, Surf Guiding, Private Surf & Yoga lessons with Thai Massage Body Work Assists, Energy Medicine & Archetype Readings, Guided Meditation & Pranayama, SUP Paddle Board Guiding/ Lessons and Yoga Play. I'm passionate about work with other Yoga & Fitness Instructors wanting to create a dream retreat in Nicaragua and other countries in the world, having discovered ideal locations suitable for a variety of retreats I have created special packages for offering. When I'm not in Nicaragua I offer Social Marketing Services and help market retreats through social media. I can be contracted for Private Yoga Classes, Workshops, SUP, Thai Massage, Cooking Lessons, Retreats and much much more. Just ask!

For those of you that have watched me fall apart, that was only the beginning. My work of growing and rebuilding is a never ending hamster wheel of gratitude for the lessons my soul continues to learn. From the mouth of my teacher Julia McCabe: 

One by one (like a refined tailor I once watched in Asia restitching a garment torn apart) you too will, and already have begun to suture the gaps between loss and loneliness….Only to see, ten steps back, a whole new garment of colour and texture. A haute couture of re-invented loss and loneliness, into a gown of abundance. Your heart will become even brighter and warmer as the days march along. The more you stoke it and be vulnerable welcoming all walks of love and life in, the bigger it will arrive: Shiva – Wild and big, dancing around a bonfire.
— Julia McCabe

What is Santosha? 

Santosha means contentment, being happy with what you have and not needing mor


Heidi Parker

Let me help you create your dream retreat!


Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Julia McCabe, 2010

Additional Training:

  • Yoga Journal Conferences in New York City andWhistler, British Columbia
  • Energetics of Healing with Kaariina Saarinen M.E.d. Counselor and Kristin V. Campbell 
  • Bring Your Ideas to Life with Certified Life Coach Tania Burgi & Erin Anderson
  • Magic of Tensegrity with Vijnana Yoga with Chris Clancy.
  • Gravity & Grace with Peter Sterios
  • Mind Body Warrior YTT200 with Mark Laham and Meghan Currie 
  • Thai Massage Training with Rebecca Hagman

Additional teachers and influences include:

  • Shiva Rea
  • Sharon Gannon & David Life
  • Yogi Vishvketu (Vishva)
  • JasonCrandell
  • Aadil Palkhivala
  • David Swenson
  • Desiree Rumbaugh

Prior to Yoga:

  • B.S. Business & Marketing, University of California, Berkeley
  • Property Managers Course, University of British Columbia
  • Realtors License, California Realtors Association
  • Heidi has traveled and lived in several countries around the globe including: United States of America, Canada, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Croatia, France, Thailand, Cuba, Germany, Israel, Turkey.