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Insightful Reflection: My Shadow Does Yoga Too!



It’s only once we face our shadow can we shine light in to those dark areas where we need to grow. It’s like trying to grow a garden without any sunlight, it becomes moldy and dank. Even if we plant seeds of intention, we must allow the light to hit areas within the dark corners of our soul to discover what is keeping us from our highest potential.

Just another typical morning in the jungle I stumbled out my front door with my yoga mat in hand, iPhone in the other. Unrolling my mat the most beautiful star in the sky started to make an appearance as it played peak a boo with the roof top of my house.  The sun’s delicate light and the sounds of the jungle brought me to my knees. Birds singing from the heart and monkeys arguing over space stopped me from putting on my usual playlist as I came into child’s pose. Setting my intention and being grateful for what the next moment was going to bring I stared into the darkness behind my eye lids and started to match each inhale to each exhale.

Now flowing as I saluted the sun each ray warmed me to the core. Gracefully stepping into warrior II with my back to the rising sun, it’s beautiful light gave my shadow life. WOW. Holding warrior II, I noticed my shadow does yoga too! A unique epiphany on dark and light and particularly shadows arose during my practice as my mind flickered in between thought and space.



We all know our shadow contains things we are not proud of nor do we want others to know about our deep dark secrets and many times we are too ashamed to even face these reflections. Without self understanding, without knowing exactly what our shadow is made of means we can hurt others if we don’t have a strong sense of who we are and why we do the things we do. Getting to know your shadow is key to spotting traumas or life events that are lingering in your energy field.

Moment by moment we change. Change is the only constant in our reality. If you are truly living in the moment, you have the opportunity to grow and change each moment. You are not the same person you were five minutes ago which means you have another chance to become better. The past does not exist, quit living there!!!! The future does not exist, quit trying to live there!! It is only this moment, right here, right now that exists. If we start living in this consciousness, moment to moment, we can grow into our highest potential so we can create the life we are meant to be living.



When we can’t see the bigger picture, we are not able to respond accordingly to the people in our lives or events. What good is it to the universe and to our universal family to have a planet filled with a bunch of souls walking around like zombies without self understanding or don’t know why they are here or what they are supposed to be doing?

When we make best use of our energy we can discover our life purpose. When we work in accordance to our energy we can make the best expression of our personal power. Doing what you love and determining what your passions are can also lead you to your life purpose. Our behavior patterns are the architects of our soul. These physiological emotional patterns contain light and shadow properties that make up the foundation of our soul making each one of us unique because we have all experienced difference events and people in our lives. Getting to know your own personal blue print can lead you to a profound understanding of your purpose.

How do you find out your personal patterns you ask? Well you have to do the dirty work. Just like an architect, first you have to go out and walk the property of your soul, dig around, face your shadow. Basically identify what patterns you have been repeating in your life. Once we recognize what our patterns are we can learn how to break them and transform these emotions into spiritual gold. If you keep repeating the same patterns and the outcome continually brings you pain, you need to identify the pattern and understand the deeper lesson behind it. No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. Difficult times can help us grow by first asking yourself, “what lesson is my soul trying to learn?” If you look at each situation as a lesson to your growth you can see why you have attracted certain people and situations to your life.

You are the creator of your own life, the sooner you realize this the sooner you can step into your personal power that will bring you ultimate freedom and pure happiness, Santosha, contentment. Be the vibration that will attract what you want. We already manifest our life each moment but by raising your frequency you can manifest that which is exactly what your soul is seeking. Once you remove the clutter and look at the core you will find your truth. Truth is truth, and this is your pure authenticity that needs to be shared with the world.

If this all seems overwhelming, then start by identifying your passions. What do you love to do? Or if you’ve slipped beyond even knowing what you love to do try to remember your childhood and what you loved back then. Once you can align your energy with your passions this true vibration of your soul is an internal compass that will guide you in the right direction.



A few songs from my yoga playlist.. music inspires my soul and generates movement that heals from within.














Mad Crazy Love



Because we live in a world that loves conditionally. Mad Crazy Love is a rare feeling that is romantic. Yet incomplete. Incomplete of society's approval.

I could see for miles, and miles and miles, in between sets.

Where, are, we?

It came rushing in like a powerful unstoppable wave, unconscious and insane, energy everywhere.

Caught off guard, my heart was disarmed, like a surfer being sent through the wave washing machine.

Is this what love feels like? A surge of intense electrifying energy, spinning me around, and around and around...

Like a thick-lipped wave, heavy, a meanness, curling over with the potential of crushing hearts.

The thunderous sound as it broke on the shore, was Mother Natures way of saying, “This moment is real.”

This is what love sounds like, love is a feeling. The energy dissipated.

The tide kissed the sand gently, as it rolled back and forth. Can you hear that? The sound of the small rolling pebbles...

Comforting whispers of love That’s when I knew, I shouldn’t be out here all alone.

I’ve only ever felt truly alone, when loving the wrong person. The dark thought, oh the shame.

Pleasure moments hang upon the crest of a wave, as easy as the paintings hung on the walls of the tattoo shop, this feeling felt permanent like the tattoo ink on a forearm.

A scar for life, in your light I learn how to love. Are you jealous of the ocean’s generosity?

As easy as the feeling washed over my aura, it is now a permanent fixture within my soul. Love is a feeling!

The sun began to hide from the day and as it caught fire, it drowned itself in the sea. Who has mistreated you?

Mother Nature used the colors floating on the surface of the ocean, to create a vivid finger painting across the sky. Humankind is being led along an evolving course that directs the inner dream.

This is proof that love does exist! !!!

And that, is Mad Crazy Love

As I paddled toward the shore, my thoughts alternated between the moment and the memory of the night we spent under the stars.

It was there, in the shadow beneath the moon, I realized our suffering is the same.

And that, is Mad Crazy Love

Pink Floyd played on, the rain washed past hurts away, walls crumbled down and the heart shed its skin.

The days marched on, the once two lost souls were made whole. Maybe we spoke to soon?

What do I know about love you say? Love is a feeling. Love does not exist based on length of time in knowing someone you fool. How can you tell me this isn’t love? Love is what makes you feel alive! So fucking A L I V E. It is that rapture of feeling alive where love and life exists.

And that, is Mad Crazy Love You fool ...



A Spanking by Mother Nature Herself

All Images Captured by::: Heidi Parker of Seeking Santosha

All Images Captured by::: Heidi Parker of Seeking Santosha

It’s a thick wave no matter what the size and it’s name clearly dictates the force it will bring as the bottom falls away and the lip hammers down in knee-deep water. The paddle out is short.  A heavy over vertical drop can throw surfers off-balance and if you hesitate for one moment, consequences will be paid. If you sit on the beach long enough all sorts of entertainment can be had including surfers crawling out of the sea like the fish that were a part of the human evolution theory. The more time I spend in the ocean and how it calls me back each time we are apart for too long I start to believe this evolutionary theory to be true. Just the way sea turtles come back to their birthing spot year after year to birth their own eggs. Us surfers are drawn to the sea in the same way. Carrying broken boards and themselves as they bleed out the courage that carried them there in the first place.

A spanking from Mother Nature herself is what you will get even if you surf well. At this beach you are guaranteed, no matter what your surfing ability is, to feel a significant quiver reducing ocean power beating to keep you humbled for years to come. The first afternoon I stepped on this beach I remember the sound more than the site and I knew I wouldn’t be paddling out. Waste high barrels that day looked as dark as the coal that powers a freight train, which normally isn’t the case in Nicaragua, and the sound equally resembled a train coming down the track and as it shunts to a halt I can see why they clearly nick-named the spot THE BOOM.

I F you’re the kind of surfer that S E E K S waves that suck the sand off the bottom and throws it over head on any given normal day in shallow knee-deep water this is your wave. I F you are the kind of surfer that S E E K S hallow waves that can knock your eyes out of your skull and hold you down till you beg for mercy, then you have probably already been here. For those of you who haven’t and are brave enough to go, this may just be your kind of wonderland, you sick twisted soul.

As I watched Pro Surfer Blake Jones rip turns as gracefully as if he was surfing a wave with no consequence my gaze turned down the long stretch of sandy beach only to see my two friends carrying our friend out of Mother Nature’s grip. Blood dripping down his back right calf and then before I could look away the wound opened up and like a fireman’s hose it force-fed the sea red. First thought was shark attack, but no, he didn’t make the drop. The wave threw him to the bottom of it’s floor like an angry child disposing of an unwanted doll and punished him for his poor selection. He landed on his fin and the force of the wave held him down as Mother Nature kept the beating coming until she decided enough was enough.

As we hauled his broken ass in the back of my truck to the hospital 45 minutes away, my mind raced back to the previous day I did paddle out but only to catch a boat. Standing on the beach my heart raced with much anxiety that I wasn’t sure if it was the four cups of crack coffee I had drunk at sunrise as the sound of thunder welcomed in the new day or if it was my intuition telling me don’t go!  My friends turned to me before paddling out, “You can make it Heidi, time the sets.”  As the tide kissed my ankles, knees quivering with fear I watched them one by one crawl into the boat. A powerful force inside of me overcame any rational thought and before I knew it I was being dragged into the boat.  

After our surf session only minutes away my friends saw the worried look on my face as we returned to the BOOM. As we jumped off the boat Matt turned to me, “I will paddle in with you Heidi, we will time it.” Paddling over, my friends went for it, catching a wave in. I started to paddle and a wave that didn’t look so big quickly doubled in size as it hit the sand bar, I instinctively ditched my board. My friend wasn’t quite as lucky, she didn’t make it over that wave and I watched her crawling out of the sea onto the beach like the fish that crawled out of the sea.

Later that night as her bikini bottoms hung in the shower with an inch of sand sandwiched in between the two thin layers we nervously joked about the after math of a BOOM beating and how we survived to tell the tale.

Life never stops demanding more and more, just as waves won’t stop coming. Learn which waves to surf and quit protecting yourself from that fear that is just part of who we are and go deeper. Waves have a way of stripping you from the illusion that you are untouchable. Practice being humble. The whole purpose of life can change with just a flicker of awareness and as soon as you begin to accept this knowledge, the sooner you will have freedom to be yourself. And go -surf the waves of karma!



Karma has no Deadline

IMG_3531 - Version 2 Today I started preparing my garden. Planting real seeds but also seeds of intention, in the nursery and also in my heart center. This year I'm open to growing my own food and intentions of love, compassion, forgiveness, trust, authenticity, trust and truth. It's not an easy path to walk, choosing to see myself in every person that exists on this planet. Knowing that our human qualities and mistakes are what truly connect our souls. My pain is your pain knowing and remembering we all suffer differently. Focusing on dissolving these borders and judgements will create more space for love.

Loving the unlovable is the journey of the hard road I’m prepared to travel.  Even if it means waiting in baggage reclaim to then literally drag it down cobblestone streets just to get a little bit closer to the destination in finding true love. I've been driving down dusty undeveloped dirt roads living in Nicaragua over two years now. I got this!

Love will find its way and it will grow like an unstoppable weed bringing forth abundance. And!!!! The pineapple I planted last year finally has a visible mini one already growing into its self. As to say, here I am! I'm a soul. I'm you. I'm me. A reflection of each other is what we truly see.


As each day passes my father’s expiration date or most would call it the anniversary of my father’s death gets farther and farther away but no amount of space or time could ever make up for the absence of someone we love. It would merely be wrong to try and find a substitute for the loss, it’s the gap in the longing to be filled that is a necessary suffering that must be felt and what truly binds us humans together. This gap remains empty until a healthy yet solid replacement of love can fill it, not even God or the Universe can fill this empty hole in my heart and they work to keep it unfilled in order to keep the communion alive even at the cost of pain. Keeping this gap open after a loved one has died is a way to store energy and this kind of accumulation of nothingness is where healing energy lives and thrives. After my father died I had the courage to start a new life because I knew that if tomorrow was going to be my expiration date I had no time to waste. So, in this gap resides a powerful physic-like energy that is expendable like money to attract abundance if the right intentions and patterns are spinning.


As I walked through the dry dead garden, witnessing it’s eagerness for new growth now that the rain has arrived, a thought crossed my mind. Humans do not have an expiration date like the store-bought chicken or milk that tells you when it will expire. Just like karma has no deadline. Our day will arrive unknowingly like a cold knock on the door that startles you from a dead sleep.

But will you be asleep? Are you sleeping now or are you awake? I don’t mean really sleeping ... I mean are you really awake? Is your consciousness awake? Are you living a life that you love? Are you spending time with people who love you, support you, admire you and give you unconditional love? Unconditional love is the kind of love I’m seeking. The kind of love that is pure and not given based on something I can do for another or what they can do for me. The kind of love I speak of is given freely for no reason at all but just because each one of us has the ability to love. An equal exchange of energy.

Just as we practice yoga we must practice death and we must practice love. To practice death will teach us how to practice freedom. And if we are free, our love too will be free. Don’t be afraid if you hear the knock, be more afraid if you are sleeping through it day by day, ignoring the reality in which you really live. Fear does not know death’s first name just as a stranger does not know mine. A person who has truly learned how to die while living can only be born into everlasting freedom.

Your soul must be burned bit by bit and what you thought or ever felt was normal, needs to die right now and burn equally alongside your tattered soul. Let it go up in flames! I only want to be friends with people who truly know how to die as they inspire me to break down and grow again. Just like the compost in my garden. I used the broken down matter to start the new seeds that will produce food to feed my soul. I’m going to burn normal to bits and allow my soul to be born again, I do this often. Each day I confront my insecurities and abandon what most would consider “normal” one wave at a time. It wasn’t until I was fully broken open and burned down to the ground I rose up stronger and discovered my higher self.

People say that what we're all seeking is a meaning for life. Do you agree?

I believe we are seeking an "experience of being A L I V E ... so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive." That extreme state of happiness is what being alive feels like. If you are not living this more often than not, then you need to be willing to die in order to be born again.




Mother Nature is My Guru


Don't wait for a perfect wave or a perfect moment, take a moment and make it perfect!

The waves were 4 - 7 feet today and I was so grateful and thankful for my new Album Surfboard that allowed me to duck-dive seamlessly through the never-ending waves and whitewash that just kept coming relentlessly. While I was out there, duck dive after duck dive I went through all the life lessons that surfing has taught me. After returning home from the beach, here is what I came up with.

These days, life seems to be a bit of a paradox and the more I know, the more I know I don’t know. I’ve been on this quest to unlock the hidden dimensions of my life and surfing is the key to the answers needed for a constant involution.

Being a Child of Nature, surfing has taught me some very valuable lesson’s that I apply in my every day life. There’s no better way to be a genuine seeker than to apply the lessons learned by Mother Nature herself.  She is my Guru.

The sea is where I see no boundaries between my energy and yours, between my energy and the waves. Consciousness is the potential for all creation. If you are connected to the source you will have unlimited resources to tap into it to create the life you truly want to live.  Like the ocean waves as they rise and fall, all energy comes from the source as the waves and us merge together, we return to it. Our awareness is all that changes in the journey from separation to the one reality.

Lesson 1:

Change is Constant

Each day in the ocean is different from the last. No two days and no two waves at a beach break are ever the same. Have you ever paid close attention to the seasons changing year to year and have you noticed with the global climate change it’s never the same? Nicaragua used to get rain in the beginning of May and it has yet to rain. It is the sudden expansion that counts when you meet your soul mate for the first time and can no longer deny that powerful connection and feeling, here we have tasted a hidden dimension beyond what our society deems reality. Things will change, it is only a matter of time. Don’t try to control it, just allow it.

"Surfing's one of the few sports that you look ahead to see what's behind."

~Laird Hamilton

Lesson 2:

Know Where

You're Going

Before you paddle out, set a course and get there safely staying out of people and harm’s way. The big sets that roll through are just obstacles that can come along unexpectedly but so do the small ones. Have an idea of where you’re going. Just as a single word can open your heart, a single wave can either make your day or break you. Set your course but remain open to changes, refer to Lesson 1. Mother Nature can change her mind at the last second so be prepared. When you are flung outside your boundaries, if only for a moment, you have tasted that hidden dimension.

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf."

~John Kabat-Zinn

Lesson 3:

Let it all Hang out!

Whether you like yourself or not is irrelevant. When you’re in the water, especially a female surfing in a bikini it might happen to hang out. I rode a wave in and went to paddle back out, the sets just kept coming and here I was paddling out with one boob out not giving a damn, only caring about survival. Say to yourself, “This situation may be shaking me, but I am more than any situation.” Don’t resist or react to what other people might think of you. They have their own issues to deal with. Whatever your ego thinks is probably inappropriate. You can follow the wave of the ego as far as it wants to go, but notice it grow fainter as it fills the whole universe with love. And just as this wave disappears into infinity, and you can adjust your swimsuit you will become connected with your real self. This is a sudden glimpse of freedom from the ego that unlocks the hidden dimension within your soul.

"Surfing is such an amazing concept. You're taking on Nature with a little stick and saying, 'I'm gonna ride you!' And a lot of times Nature says, 'No you're not!' and crashes you to the bottom."

~Jolene Blalock

Lesson 4:

Fall down 8, Get

Back Up 9!

When you fall down, try to do it gracefully and then get back up quickly. When you can laugh at yourself you lose the need to take yourself so seriously. Like a young carefree child whose innocence can never be defeated. Fall down, look up to the sky to see the infinity beyond it and then get back up! Getting back up shows the world that you know who you are. From this tiny sensation a whole new pattern emerges, one of strength and courage and the Universe doesn’t know what to do about that. You have a momentary glimpse of awareness and that single thread leads into a complete garment of color and texture. To master pure awareness, you must learn how to live it by getting back up when you fall.

"It's all about where your mind's at."

~Kelly Slater

Lesson 5:

When in doubt,

Paddle Out!

Determination. Roll with the punches. Give it your all. Life is all about the paddle. Keep pushing through. Just listen to your intuition and heart along the way!

"Eddie would go!"

~Unknown author

Lesson 6:

One More!

You paddle for a wave thinking, “If I catch this one I will ride it in,” but after you get off you tell yourself, “Just one more and paddle back out!” Go for it. Wanting more is good. It is the need of something that creates an imbalance. So keep going but also know when enough is enough.

"Out of water, I am nothing."

~Duke Kahanamoku

Lesson 7:

Stand Up For


If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything! Stand up for yourself. Today a local Nicaragua snaked several of my waves and would sit right on the inside just in front of me trying to intimidate me. Finally I told him off. Cursed at him in Spanish and the other locals had my back. Life and surfing calls for having a back bone. One must be strong when it’s necessary and don’t let people intimidate or bully you. Take a stand with integrity and grace and I promise, the right people will come to your rescue like a pack of wild dogs.

"One drop in is an accident, two is rude, three is a twatable offense."

~Roger Sharp

Lesson 8:

Share. Don’t Be a

Wave Hog!

Take Turns. Just because you’re the best surfer out there doesn’t give you the right to hog all the waves. You don’t own this shit! Mother Nature created these waves for all of us to enjoy. Share, take turns and encourage others to enjoy the ride. Life is about sharing it with other like-minded people. If you see someone sitting on the shoulder for ages and they haven’t gotten a wave because you’re always in the peak, then back off, is it going to kill you to give up one wave? Sharing is caring. To love someone is subtler than to resent them and push them away. To accept someone is subtler than to gossip about them. To see someone without judgement is subtler than criticizing them. To share with someone is subtler than being selfish. Favor the subtler sides and these people in your life. Only if you value it, it will grow.

"It's like the mafia. Once you're in - you're in. There's no getting out."

~Kelly Slater

Lesson 9:

Be Bigger Than

The Waves!

When you see someone else making big mistakes, be a good example and be the light house that will lead them safely out of the dark.

There are three kinds of waves that roll through during most days just as there are three kinds of friends in your life.

1.) Those who leave you alone, the smaller waves on the inside.

2.) Those who hurt you, the massive closeout sets that roll through and...

3.) Those who help you, those perfect waves that make you look like a rock-star and give you confidence to go back for more.

Determine who these friends and waves are and choose them wisely. The friends and waves that leave you alone are the ones that are just doing their own thing and staying out of your way. Nothing wrong with that. The waves and friends that can hurt you want your situation to stay the same because they do not have your well-being at heart. Those waves and friends that help you grow and make you look like a rock star have the strength and awareness of their own than you posses by yourself. Ask these friends, the ones who help you to join you in this paddle we call life. Let these people join you in your quest for growth, let them be a bigger part of your life.

"Surfing's the source. Can change your life. Swear to God."

~Patrick Swayze

Lesson 10:

Don’t Take Anything

Too Seriously!

Laugh and have fun out there. Have you ever seen those agro surfers out in the line up punching the water when they miss a wave, trying to pick a fight if someone gets in their way. They look like a bunch of jokers, give me a break. Let’s cheer each other on and have a laugh. I love to goof around out there on smaller days and even when it is bigger, paddle over to someone and strike up a brief conversation about how gnarly the waves are. Connection is key and we are all connected to each other and the innate oneness and having someone else to share that with makes it so much better!  Some people take life and surfing way to seriously. We need to have each others backs out there and I’m more inclined to try to save someone if they weren't a jerk when I paddled out.

"I surf to get tan." ~Shane Dorian

"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun." ~Duke Kahanamoku

Lesson 11:

Don’t Fight It!

If you struggle and resist, that’s when you get hurt. Learn to let go, timing is key! When a massive close out set rolls through and you can’t quite make the duck dive, don’t fight against the wave washing you to shore, just flow with it. Next time, just go deeper! Suffering is pain that we hold onto. Anywhere that life hurts mean we have locked ourselves into some kind of false identification.

"Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear."

~Buzzy Trent

Lesson 12:

Go Deeper!

Deeper is better in all areas of life, especially spirituality. Get your minds out of the gutter! When you nail a perfect duck dive, only a surfer knows the feeling, it feels better than sex!  So let’s go deeper into the link between suffering and unreality. Stop grasping and clinging to the unreal. Once you stop pretending to know what is real, things fall into place automatically. Life never stops demanding more and more, just as the waves won’t stop coming. So learn to surf and let’s quit protecting ourselves from what we fear is part of who we are and just go deeper. Waves have a way of stripping you from the illusion that you are untouchable.  Be humble. The whole purpose of life can change with just a flicker of awareness and as soon as you begin to accept this knowledge, the sooner you will have freedom to be yourself. Ooooohhhh that’s deep!

"Surfing is very much like making love. It always feels good, no matter how many times you've done it."

~Paul Strauch

Lesson 13:



We all want to find our soul mate, a connection to Mother Nature, our Life’s Purpose and a career that would be most fulfilling. Love is the answer to any question. Gratitude is what me must have for this life and one another and respect should be given to nature! Now go ... surf the waves of Karma!

"I think when a surfer becomes a surfer, it's almost like an obligation to be an environmentalist at the same time"

~Kelly Slater

I’m going to end the lessons with the number 13. Thirteen was my Father’s favorite number and he drowned a few years ago, bless his soul. I feel connected to him when I’m in the water as I’m certain this is where his beautiful spirit and energy spends most time, probably trying to keep me safe. You never know what experiences the person sitting next to you on the bus or paddling out beside you has gone through. Share a laugh, a smile and some love. Just like Kelly Slater said, “we are all in it together.”

Safety First, Always


This applies to surfing and life. Have some self-respect. Be safe in ALL situations, including  sexual partners. haha. Be careful out there, don’t be a jackass and follow Surf Etiquette and Rules, if you don't know them --that's what friends and Google is for.




A Child of Nature


I'm always dreaming with my eyes wide open and the dreams I have create my daily reality. Not needing much to set me free, somewhere in nature is where you will most likely find me.


Ocean breezes blow open the window to my soul but it used to be mountain top breezes that did the same.  It doesn't matter where in the world you are, GO OUTSIDE!  Since the day I can remember my parents couldn't get me to come in before the sun set and I always smelled of the earth.


I am a child of nature.


Nowadays my favorite time of the day is watching the sun rise. Each day I feel the earth squish between my toes whether it is sand or jungle dirt. Staring into the sky is a daily occurrence for me as I'm always watching the moving clouds or the sunset paint the sky.  A shooting star is an opportunity to make a wish and I wouldn't miss it for the world.


Just as I write this blog I'm sitting outdoors listening to the birds chirp, the monkeys howl and my cat Monti just ran by with a mouse squeaking in his mouth. Eeeew. Geckos are my noisy roommates, and are just as part of the house as the positive energy that surrounds it.


For me, I have to allow my body to love what it loves.


Whoever you are Mother Nature offers itself over to your imagination.


Amongst the simple beauty of nature is where I'm most happy. If you ever feel afraid, sad, lost, just go outside somewhere you can be alone with Mother Nature, she knows how to comfort the loneliest heart.  Remember, tears are only water and water nourishes the trees, the earth, your garden and anything you want to grow. It's in the midst of Mother Nature's simple beauty you will find peace within.


“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” -Albert Einstein



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*All of the nature yoga images were taken by me on a 10 second timer. Come do a photo shoot with me! Let's play!



There is No Other Pain Like Loosing a Soul Mate

IMG_0455 Dear Soul Mate, my home is your home, the door is open and so are my arms to welcome you home when you arrive. I don’t want to think. I just want to feel. Let’s live in the moment resembling the life Mother Nature intended for our souls to unite.

Being happily single for three years has made me look at friendships and relationships in a way I had never thought of before.

Living in Nicaragua has it’s challenges and finding solid friendships, true love, soul mates, or twin flames has been one of them. Since love comes and goes as quickly as the airplanes fly in and out of Managua International Airport and as freely as the tide washes upon the beautiful sandy shores of the Pacific Coast I have been fortunate to have met many people in the midst of their seeking that could easily be my soul mate. Most travelers come for a week, some return year after year and some never leave like me. The ones that stay are equally seeking. Living a perpetual vacation is a lifestyle that every one dreams about but earning a living from a never-ending staycation isn’t easy nor is it attainable for most. Some of the most creative, talented, giving, loyal, loving, people have crossed my path and I feel so grateful for this life and them. Bless your souls.

Soul mates ...

Recently I was driving to Managua, three hours from the town of San Juan del Sur where I live and me and a friend got onto a fun topic of soul mates. The topic of love came up during the long drive and the question was, “Do you believe in one life love partner, one soul mate or several?” As my friend and I debated back and forth we ended up agreeing to disagree. My friend believes that we only get one chance, one  opportunity to meet that one true love of our lives, he believes we have only one soul mate and he is searching for his day in and day out but also sitting back enjoying the daily moments trusting his soul mate will appear when the timing is right.

In my past life, life before my parents got divorced and my father died I too commonly believed that we were meant to only have one soul mate or life partner but the more I get to know my own soul the more I feel differently. Soul mates tend to find each other during their respective pursuits and seeking of their soul missions. Have you found your life purpose? Have you asked yourself in each difficult situation “what lesson is my soul trying to learn?” We recognize a soul mate by the supreme level of comfort and security we feel with the person. Have you ever met someone and instantly felt a connection? Only spending minutes, hours or a week together but it feels so natural as if you have known them in a past life. How else could it be this easy? Your energy feels so aligned with this person that if you get close enough to them physically you could feel the electric current that pulses through their bodies directly into yours without even touching? We are made of energy.

I’ve heard your soul mate is supposed to be someone who you have spent lifetime after lifetime with in an endless exchange of love and relationships and have finally found each other again. YAY! Such a beautiful thought. How else can we explain this type of freedom in a new relationship? It is said that with your soul mate it isn’t surprising if you experience a natural affinity, a deep deep friendship, maybe love, intimacy, compatibility and a shocking electrical current that could light up New York city for years. In honesty I never heard anyone say that but I just made it up as these are some of the most recent energy exchanges and connections that have lit up my soul. My recent twin flame has been someone who is most like me in every way as if I’m looking into a mirror. And because I love myself and my life I have the same love for them instantaneously allowing for a seamless transition into my life without any questions asked.

Don't let fear or sorrow become your soul mate.

You will be able to recognize these people with just one look and the energy will travel into your heart like sun rays shining down from the heavens and the unexplainable instantaneous chemistry and love will be undeniable as the magnetic field attracts you to one another without explanation. These are special people who go with the grain of your soul or like how a puzzle fits together seamlessly creating a beautiful picture. Pay attention to this energy and allow these people into your life so you may receive the gifts they have been sent to generously share with you. They are here for a purpose, a reason.

The Law of Attraction states that you will draw into your life whatever it is you think about. Be careful about what seeds of intentions you are planting and watering daily because over time you grow these thoughts negative or positive into your reality over time. If you have positive thoughts your intentions will grow into a beautiful plentiful garden producing abundance and love in your life. If you are thinking negative thoughts, even a negative thought as simple as “I really don’t like this car, I want a new one,” soon over time the car will break down and show you how much you really don’t like it and then you will have to replace it even if you don’t have the money to do so. Your wish has been granted! A voilà!

We manifest our thoughts into our currently reality just as an artist paints a canvas solely from imagination not even having to look at the physical scenery as it happens unconsciously.  Maintaining positive thoughts is the only way to live a happy life. Choose happiness just as you would choose a healthy salad for lunch off a menu in a restaurant. Order your emotions for the day just as you would your food. You have total control here. It is your life! Live in the moment, not in thoughts of the past or thoughts of the future but live here today in positive thought, love and intention. The past and future do not exist so why waste precious daylight hours on these thoughts. A soul mate will bring you into your own attentions so you can have the courage to change your life.

When you are with your soul mate you will feel pure freedom, pure joy, contentment (Santosha) and most importantly a great love for yourself allowing yourself to love them unconditionally. The job of our soul mates is to reflect back to us the areas in our lives that need the most healing so we may grow.  An equal exchange of energy comes from a place of love and truth. You should always be able to communicate openly and freely to your soul mate because the lessons of life will only help our souls to grow. Your soul mate has the introspection to help you become great! If you end up breaking up with your soul mate because you didn’t like something they may have said, take a good look within your soul and be honest with yourself. Are you going against the grain of your soul while trying to seek out your life purpose? Don’t deny this kind of connection as it is so powerful it could change your life into that endless summer or perpetual vacation you have been dreaming about with your eyes open for the majority of your life.

Learn how to control the ego, your mind and change negative thoughts into positive intentions that will manifest the life you’ve always wanted to live. Meditation, yoga, surfing, Pranayama (breath control) are ways to control the mind providing you clarity and power to live in the NOW.

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Hey Yoga Teacher, You won’t eat meat but you’ll snort a line of cocaine up your nose?

IMG_5499 Ohhhh this blog is going to be a doozy but you know that I love writing about controversial topics because that is what you love to read! One of our guilty pleasures is being able to relate to another person’s dirty dark shadow so we don’t feel so lonely in our quest for change or staying comfortably in the dark. And that is the intention of this blog. The title means nothing, it is just to grab your attention and it worked!

SHIT. MUST. CHANGE! Turn on the light!

Are you living in balance? Are you doing your best? Can you do better?

After I did my yoga teacher training in 2010 my life changed. From this point, life was no longer as I knew it. I had to work on changing old habits and patterns. Yes, I had to do the dirty work, I’m still doing it and isn’t easy! I could not go back into the world and live the same way physically and consciously after an involution like that had taken place. I was awake. I was alive. I was present. I had all the tools I needed. I was ready to do shit!

I will admit, each new step taken since has not been an act of skipping down the yellow brick road under a blue sky with a shit eating grin totally oblivious. I have been driving dusty dirt roads in an undeveloped country in a beat up truck without a road map or a sign to point me in the right direction and when I’ve gotten lost I stopped to ask for directions, totally lost in translation! Unfortunately life does not come with a GPS with an automated voice in your first language to say, “Hey loser, you’ve did it again, you’re lost, you’ve gone the wrong way!”

I recently attended my second Yoga Teacher Training, don’t ask why I would torture myself again because doing my Yoga Teacher Training the first time around broke me wide open physically, emotionally and mentally but then like a Phoenix I came soaring out of the ashes with courage ready to create a new life and that is what I did. Because the most valuable lesson that I have learned in life to date is that difficult times help us grow and the only thing we need to know is the answer to this question, “what is the lesson my soul is trying to learn?”

So, I thought doing the training twice, essentially, being broken open a second time would only be an even greater transformation. I was ready, bring it! WHOMP. Not the case. I quickly found out not all Yoga Teacher Trainings are created equally. Surfers in the lineup had heard the tales and asked me each time I paddled out when the next Yoga party was. This snapped me back to reality and I thought, SHIT, something must change! Yes, I had time to surf and this is where I would escape. My priority at this training became learning to surf and spending time in the ocean because I knew the lesson my soul needed to learn at this point in my life would be best learned from Mother Nature herself. “What lesson does my soul need to learn from this?” I needed to learn that we have a responsibility as teachers and not turning a blind eye or feeling guilty for speaking the truth is necessary!!!! The ocean taught me that change is inevitable. Change is the only constant that exists in this world. Water cannot be stopped because when it runs into an obstacle, it just goes around it with courage flowing and nurturing constantly.

Now, what we do in our own time is no ones business, right? Right! But I’m here today, not to reveal all the dirty dark secrets that happened at this training, or to tattle tale on myself or all the other naughty yoga teachers out there but to just openly say it and to serve as a reminder of some necessary changes needed within the Yoga Industry.  Look in the mirror, look at each other. I'm doing this too! THINGS MUST CHANGE! We must change! Mother Nature told me to share her wisdom and so I’m her voice today. “Change is good. Change is constant." If you struggle against change like fighting against a breaking wave in the ocean, you will get hurt. If you go with the flow of nature you are more likely to survive the changes that will happen inevitably. We must learn the lessons our souls need to learn and then make a conscious choice to change.

A Teacher is a Teacher regardless of the material being taught. Students turn to us to learn something. Human nature is judgmental. We have egos. As Yoga Teachers we speak to this. Students are watching us even when we are not in a studio teaching, other Yoga Teachers are watching too! They watch you when you walk down the street thinking you may know more about yoga, life, the universe and the real meaning behind the Bhagavad Gita and probably think your buddy-buddy with Patanjali himself. It doesn’t matter if you are miles away from the studio or your mat, you are still a Teacher in everyday life. We need to take our practice out of the studio and off the mat into our world, our lives should be a mindful moving meditation.  Otherwise it’s just smoke and mirrors. It’s like the little guy behind the curtain in the movie Wizard of Oz scaring the crap out of people, instilling unnecessary fear but if you pull the curtain back and reveal what’s really going on here,  a poser is revealed. A small bald man with no self-confidence, grace or integrity. Don’t be this guy!

Yes, Yoga Teachers get you to pose but you pose for yourself because no one else is watching in class because students are all focused on themselves. Yoga is hard. No one said it was going to be easy, life isn’t easy, surfing isn’t easy! Yoga is a lifestyle. But yoga helps to make life easier! Yoga is an internal practice to evolve the self and it is a tool to help control the mind not just for the purpose of an hour in a studio but so you can take this out and apply it in your life and the world.

Teachers, no matter what kind (Moms, Dads, Yoga Teachers, University Professors, Kindergarten Teachers, Life Coaches, Counselors, Mentors) are leaders in our society. How do you lead others?

Who do you want to be? What matters most to you? What do you want to teach people? How will you share your light? How will you walk the walk and talk the talk? What do you want to create? How will you love? How will you forgive? How will you teach?

Students of Yoga come to our Yoga class not only because they want a physical practice but once an involution sparks their curiosity it sets them down a path seeking much more. Essentially we teach them Yoga Postures (Asana) on a mat, Meditation, hopefully some Pranayama, some Chanting, throw in a few words related to the History of Yoga to carry on the tradition or to feed our own egos so we sound smart, speak of energy and the Chakras because that shit is super cool but that IS the match that lights the fuse and sets off a bomb in that student's head that starts to disassemble the ego! BOOM!

Yoga Teachers do not just teach Asana on a mat, any monkey can do that! Might as well go to cross-fit! It is the deeper teachings that most students seek out. Students are seeking a leader, a guru, an awake present person that shares light. Or should we just call it Stretching Class? Maybe more guys would come!!! haha. Joke. As Teachers we must embody this responsibility and start walking the walk and talking the talk. We live in a spot light. Be Transparent. Be authentic!

No, personally I’m not perfect, this is also a reminder to myself.  Each day I strive to live a simple life by sharing my home and teaching others how to make small changes in all aspects of their life. Sure, I get caught up too but I make small changes day by day. My home is open, come see for yourself. It doesn’t mean we have to be perfect, but always remember, someone is always watching, people are always talking and at the end of the day, we are all connected and this is our opportunity to share our gifts and our light.

We need to teach each other that love is necessary, compassion is necessary, kindness is necessary, forgiveness for each other and ourselves is necessary and after finding our purpose we need to help others find theirs. Give as much as you can. Everyone deserves to be happy! Find your purpose because it is your gift and then it is your responsibility to share it with the world.

Teach from your heart. Learn from your mistakes and teach that to your students too so we can grow ourselves and grow one another. Consciousness. Oneness. We are in this together. We know right from wrong, let’s not complicate things.


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Living Santosha! Yoga isn’t the answer, Stop the bullshit! Rethink your Life.

Hula The best day of my life was when I woke up! I had discovered beyond any doubt that my thoughts and feelings were creating my life. Learning to love my life with my whole heart (Santosha) helped me to attain more.

Today,  I woke up on the right side of the bed. Well, every day I do that, because I love the life I’m living. As I rolled out of bed I  stepped over a cockroach on my way to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face then gracefully stumbled into the kitchen. Made a pot of chai tea excited to try the brown rice milk my bestie made the night before.

While waiting for the water to boil, I took a peek at the seeds we are sprouting in recycled jars, looked out the window and felt a cool breeze come through the screen, brrrrr. Now, with a steaming cuppa tea, I’ve gone back to bed to take advantage of this cool weather not often the case in Nicaragua. No longer needing the fan because the sheets are still warm from the night before. I cozy in, enjoying the aroma of clove and cinnamon feeling the rhythm of my beating heart, a gentle reminder of this miracle to have another chance to make this day better than the previous.  

Feeling grateful for all the wonderful things in my life I consciously quiet my thoughts and direct this energy into a constructive channel and start to write this blog, enjoying a few more days of pure solitude before new guests arrive and appreciating that my time in the ocean this afternoon will be spent paddling out beside my soul mate, connecting to nature, catching some waves and meditating on my surfboard. This is my life.

Listening to the sound of the wind as it whips through the trees I’m reminded of a busy mind I was once unable to control. My thoughts would race from one memory of the past like a sprinter running a fifty meter dash, then quickly to the next memory like tagging a relay race runner onto the next memory and then jumping ahead to a future thought that didn’t yet exist and like always it skipped the present moment. The present, without thought is where all the good stuff can be felt, heard, contented, tasted and appreciated. I hear a meow, reminding me to be present even with these passing thoughts as I write them down.

The rising sun starts to peek through the transparent curtain creating a beautiful green glow as it dances with the breath of mother nature. I sigh and take a deep breath of clean Nicaragua air and start to match my inhales to my exhales. Ahhhhh, yes, yes, finally....I have found Santosha! Truly, living Santosah (contentment) on all levels has led me to real happiness.

What is the best way to put forth the most positive energy?

Yoga isn’t the answer to a happy life but yoga and my many teachers including the teacher within taught me how to quiet and control my thoughts and breath so I can live in the moment and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds me in a crazy confused world. Some days it can be a real challenge.

How do I do it? Do the things you enjoy!

“Only do things that you enjoy, do what you want to do! What the fuck do you really want to do?” ~Joe Rogan

The conception of my company Seeking Santosha did not come from living Santosha but the name came to me at a time in my life where so much chaos and suffering was thriving due to my own unnecessary thoughts. Stop HERE. Appreciate this moment if it is happening to you right now because it is here in this moment we can learn and grow so much.

I was seeking Santosha. I had planted a seed with an unconscious intention to grow a garden of creativity, love, compassion and contentment from that day forward. I knew I needed to find my life purpose and nurture my soul where my restless mind could find some peace from the endless dance party dirtying up the dance floor of my mind. It’s like banging on a closed-door but through the window you can see your annoying neighbors throwing a big wild party you weren’t invited to and all you want is some peace and quiet so you can sleep.

I knew if I could quiet my thoughts and the words of others trying to tell me how to live my life I would finally be able hear the whispers of my soul and in this stillness my heart would be a compass and a true guide so my feet could start walking in the right direction down a path towards purpose and a life I really wanted to be creating. Each conscious step took courage but with each passing day and each focused breath I knew I was getting closer and my actions became unconscious. I stopped living and started creating.

Easier said than done, right? True, that’s why I’m saying it!

But with patience and compassion for yourself you have to start somewhere, so I did.

I started by doing yoga poses on a mat in a studio with a select group of close friends and spiritual teachers. I was guided through meditation and pranayama and while the physical practice made my body a strong vehicle for my spirit an internal transformation started here unconsciously. Nowadays I don’t go to a studio because I live in the jungle and have my own quiet space and after completing my yoga teacher training I do my own practice, meditation and pranayama. Yoga is not the answer to my happiness or my life. I do some form of yoga every day, I live a healthy lifestyle by controlling my breath, my thoughts, through meditation in my home studio, bedroom or on my surf board while connecting to nature. I connect with nature daily to keep in harmony with the oneness of all things and beings including my myself and the universe, or call it God if you must, a higher power, our maker.

Yoga is the method by which the restless mind is calmed and the energy is directed into constructive channels. Imagine a river that has been controlled and properly harnessed, this creates a vast revision of water, it prevents famine and provides an abundant resource. So, the mind, when controlled provides a reservoir of peace and generates abundant energy for our uplift. Meditation ignites the sleeping artist within and sparks my creativity, it is here in the silence that new ideas emerge.

heidi yoga

Religion and yoga can give you inspiration but it isn’t the answer because it puts you on a single one lane road. Trust me, you don’t want to be stuck here. Don’t get attached to ideologies.

Santosha is not needing more, buying more, consuming more - it is not what North American society is teaching -MORE MORE MORE but merely being content with what you have. Unless we change this we will not evolve. When you live in the moment you appreciate what you have.  Once you are happy in this place, your energy and dreams will start to attract other opportunities to you that will provide you with adventures, money, abundance, love and give you more because your soul is a magnet. You can’t fool the universe so take care of your self and be the most evolved version of yourself that you can be then you will be living Santosha, contentment which will attract even more beauty.

It is okay to seek ...go ON just be aware of what you invest in, partake in and consume along the way. Balance and devotion are key because if “You’re in the midst of a war, a battle between the limits of a crowd seeking the surrender of your dreams, and the powers of your true vision to create and contribute to all that is good. It is a fight between those who tell you what you cannot do, and that part of you that knows and has always known, that we are more than our environment; and that a dream backed by and unrelenting will to attain it, is truly a reality with an imminent arrival.” ~Anthony Robins

I wake up each day excited to CREATE my day. You’ll love what you’ve got with all your heart today, and you will be ready for more tomorrow. And the next day.

Watch this video by Joe Rogan and be inspired.

Be the most evolved version of you that you can be. In the words of Joe Rogan ...

1.) Put healthy foods in your body, eat many vegetables and the right amount of protein, a lot of water. Stop drinking soda. 2.) Stop the bullshit! 3.) Get a better idea of how your body feels when you treat it healthy. When it’s moving it’s flowing. Meditate. 4.) Be nice. Be cool to people. Smile. Tip well. Do the most you can. So what you want to do with your life. Do what you really want to do. If someone else is doing it, you can do it too! Follow the path you really feel pulled to.

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One Love

One Love doesn't mean love one person, One Love means love everyOne. When I think about love I think about the love I have for mother nature and the connectedness I share with everyone and everything on this planet. Love should be celebrated every day.

Love.  Bigger than any wave.


Love. More powerful than fear.


Love is like an ocean.

Duck dive

Love can be impermanent as a wave rising.

Dual Waves

Love can come and go like the tides rise and fall.

IMG_7067 (1)

Love is free like a sunrise and a sunset.


Love should be unconditional not conditional.


Mother Nature shows us the rising sun and the setting sun each day.


Do you tell the people you love as often as the sun rises and sets?


Love is free to give. Love is free to receive.


Love requires courage. Being loved gives one strength.


Love is a risk but well worth it.


Love is meant for everyONE.


"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Photography by: Heidi Parker of Seeking Santosha

Please do not borrow these photos without my permission. Thank you for supporting my dreams and SHARING the love!

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Peace, love, happiness and all that hippie sh*t!!

biking on the beach I woke up this morning eager to write. Well, actually I woke up this morning because it was impossible to sleep, who am I kidding. Oh the simple troubles in paradise and trying to figure out a way to find balance, love, peace and happiness even when things are not perfect takes practice itself. This time of year in Nicaragua brings some crazy wind and all this energy gets things stirring inside of me. Normally I feel so at peace here in the jungle with a light breeze keeping the constant sweat slightly cooled but when the wind picks up intensely my sleeping patterns are disrupted and my thoughts are restless. My mind resembles a wind turbine at high-speed. It is very challenging to meditate when it sounds like the jungle is about to crash down on my roof and surf boards and gardening tools are getting thrown across the landscape.

Nica windfarm On a positive note, the wind farm in Nicaragua located only 20 km from my home generates electricity at a 39.9 MW. It is a renewable power plant to meet energy deficit with clean energy. Here, Nicaragua is replacing fossil fuels with wind energy. It has reduced the dependency on oil imports and pollution -hooray! AND it has created 145 jobs for several local Nicaraguans during the construction and has led to 18 permanent jobs. So proud to call Nicaragua my home.

Before waking I was dreaming about nature, about surfing and when I opened my eyes and remembered my dream I reminded myself that being connected to each other and nature is to live in oneness and anything separate is an illusion and a choice. In order to evolve we need to dissolve boundaries. Boundaries being our beliefs in thinking we are different from one another and special as individuals because we were told that by our parents when we were children. In actuality we are the same because every person’s needs, wants and desires are the same. We are here on this earth to experience with our five senses and to figure out our dharma, our purpose. I’m going to write anther blog about that but first let’s just speak about peace, love and happiness.

Peace, love and happiness are not things we can wish or hope for. These are things that we can make and cultivate within our own self and our own life. Peace, love and happiness are things we can do, things we can make, and are things we can give away that won’t cost us a cent. We all possess this. Do you see the similarity now?

We all have eyes so we can see the best in people. We all have a heart that is able to forgive the worst, can heal and love again. We all have a mind that can be trained to be silent and to forget the bad. We all have a soul that can live on forever and never lose faith in the oneness, the Universe or if you want to call it God.

Each day that we wake begins a new and having another day is like a second chance to make this one better than the last. Today is a new day of energy, love, peace, happiness and ideas just waiting to be created!

We all have been gifted this choice. Like the wind farm in Nicaragua that generates clean energy, so can you! Let your wind energy generate peace, love and happiness!

Come Seeking, you might just learn something :)

Want to visit Nicaragua? Good choice! Nicaragua just made #3 on The 46 Places to Go in 2013 by the New York Times. Click here to read the article. 

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Adios 2012! Breaking up with the old year, old patterns and haters.

IMG_3531 - Version 2 At the end of 2012 many of my friends said, “I wonder what 2013 will bring, 2012 wasn’t the best year.”

Friends, it’s not about what the new year will bring. Instead, ask yourself ... “What will I create in 2013?” And then decide, are you willing to do the work to create the life you always wanted?

2012 was my year for living up to what I had started in 2011. Being a member of the International Yoga Community for a solid year at this point made me realize it was a high priority to fully embrace the old saying “walk the walk and talk the talk” off my mat. Being a yogi means to have a practice on and most importantly off the mat with a HUGE personal responsibility to teach others in all areas of life, not just in a yoga studio. This is the kind of teacher I am. Sure, I can teach you how to balance on your head or how to sit cross-legged and stare at your third eye to clear your mind but what I really want to teach you is how to live and how to create a life you can fall in love with.

So, in 2012 I planted a garden believing that sustainability is a necessary ingredient for my future. Growing my own food proved to be very rewarding and inspired others to do the same. Doesn’t sound like much but I could never keep an ordinary house plant alive! ha! Volunteering my time in the Nicaragua community continued and helping a few individuals through karmic actions enabled community members to live out their personal dreams. Bringing a group of twenty-seven individuals to Nicaragua in partnership with a Vancouver yoga studio helped raise the love and vibration of a war-torn country and provided several jobs for many locals enabling them to feed their families. Connecting with nature daily taught me more than how to surf, overcoming my fear of drowning but never forgetting my father’s fate. Living more and more like nature every day, unconcerned about time and staying connected to my self. Traveling taught me many valuable lessons about the importance of friends, patience, love and the celebration of food. My adventures gave me an opportunity to practice my yoga off the mat and by sharing my photography and writing it inspires others to travel and live from their hearts also embracing other cultures. Together we saw the oneness and similarities in others growing the love and vibration. Living each day to its fullest sparked joy in others to do the same - it also sparked some hate.

So now I must break up with the old year, old patterns and haters.

I’m not looking back to 2012 other than for the purpose of this blog. That time has passed so I must break up with 2012 in order to build a new relationship and foundation with 2013. As each day and each new experiences pass, I get better at recognizing my old patterns that neglect me from finding happiness and love. Breaking up with haters is necessary. Instead of trying to change someone’s opinion, I say what I need to say and move on. I really don’t like the word hate, it breaks my heart but I must use it to make a point.

Definition of ......"Hater" - A person that develops a strong dislike for another, solely basing their own opinion on personal judgment rather than objective merit. A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesn't really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock some one else down a notch.

The more haters hate, the more I create. You know the kind of people I’m referring to.  Lately I have experienced the “hate” from other yogis due to the life I have created for myself and the true fact is, they don’t hate me, they don’t like themselves and are not satisfied with the life they have created for themselves. While they’re busy disliking me, I’ve taken that energy and started loving me even more, evolving and growing my awareness and consciousness beyond the fourth dimension to escape the bullshit.

As I write this, two influential friends of mine come to mind that experience the “hate” on a daily basis.  One is a pro surfer, ex pro surfer as of today and the other is a well-known Vancouver yoga teacher turned Glee-musician with an angelic voice and spirit that would make anyone rejoice. Both are my inspirations to being different, my passion being my purpose and for teaching people to “be different.” They have created truly unique lives for themselves but each day they encounter people in the industry who are not supportive.

Together we can create more than an individual can create alone if we can all just move past our egos for a moment to see how we can support one another to raise the vibration and consciousness. That’s it. I’m done with listening to the gossip, If you see me walk away when you are talking you will understand. The majority of 2012 I had no longer concerned myself with “he said, she said bullshit” but the end of 2012 got the best of me and I found myself listening to it. Let’s not talk about “people,” instead, let's discuss ideas, the universe, the oneness ---THE LOVE!

Unfortunately some people get caught up in the small details of a murky pond while I’m swimming in the big picture of the open ocean literally, flowing like water, connecting with nature and being impermanent like a wave rising because I know nothing in life is certain except for change. Like waves, life rolls on. When I see an obstacle, I don’t bully my way through to find a solution, I just go around it, change course, unaffected still flowing. The ocean cleanses my aura and heals me every time I paddle out into it.

What are you doing to rejuvenate your soul each day?

Time is merely an illusion, just ask Mother Nature, she doesn’t wear a wrist watch. Mother Nature and I see things as an exchange of energy, unconcerned about time.

Surfing, meditation, yoga and adventure/travel are my tools for maintaining a clear mind, what are your tools? As “we” head into the New Year let’s focus on spending time with the right people.  Are you with me? My photography, writing, and lifestyle are the ways I create beauty in my own life from my personal experiences and then I share it with the world in order to inspire others. I'm hardly making a living, I'm not making money off of this, I'm getting by but I know for certain what my life's purpose is.

From today, I will not be concerned about being the popular person in the crowd. Choosing not to go out with my friends on New Years Eve allowed me to wake up this morning with a clear mind, ready to create something amazing for this day!

My purpose in this world is to share what I have learned so we can all evolve and grow together.

Do you spending time with people who inspire and uplift you to be your best self? Do you believe in the innate oneness of all things and beings? Do you walk the walk AND talk the talk? Are you doing your best in this very moment? What are you doing to live at your highest potential? What are you providing other to live at their highest potential? Do you have dreams? Do you have the courage to live out your dreams? Do you support others who live out their dreams? Do you hate or do you love?

As most of my good friends know, I have been living in Nicaragua for over 2 years now. It took a lot of courage to start my own business and live out my dreams. Thanks to those who have supported my business, my dreams and Nicaragua with your positive energy and love.

We can lift each other up, or we can tear each other down. What will you choose to do?

Let's move through 2013 with a higher consciousness and awareness for the oneness! Together we can create beautiful things!

Happy New Year! ¡Feliz año nuevo!


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How do we change the world?

A shift in our consciousness is happening. Do you feel that?

I won’t get into the details of why or how... my spirituality and personal beliefs might keep you awake at night.

The voices of the divine feminine and our spirit NEEDS to be resurrected so we can come into our true power, our potential and change the world. We need to help each other to achieve greatness. How do we change the world?

So how do we do this? First, ask yourself this question and be honest...

Who am I?

This is a question we all ask ourselves but have a hard time answering. Our egos get stuck with titles that do not serve us such as:

I am a mom. I am a wife. I am a an Account Manager.

You are MUCH more than that!

I’ll answer it and then, you should do the same:

I feel. Therefore I am. I have arrived and am dedicated to living in the moment, staying present. Personally, I’m interested in creativity and living a yogic lifestyle to inspire leadership in women.  I allow my feminine spirit to lead the way, being clear on my feelings guides me to where I truly want to go. I listen to my heart.

Not getting caught up in the small stuff like - “did you see what she was wearing?” or “she’ll never break up with that jerk,” all of this gossip doesn’t serve me or you and I’ve learned that it is just a waste of energy.  I like to talk about ideas, not people.

Writing and talking about what I’m interested in passionately manifests my true intentions and dreams. Showcasing my strength in a feminine way is more attractive than acting like a man to prove it. I want to create!

I speak with authority when necessary trying to have a soft tone primarily. From time to time I refer to my friends by cute nick names and give lots of hugs and compassion on a daily basis. I want to have fun! I’m a dreamer.

If you invite me to a business meeting, I’ll show up on time and I’ll bring supplies, like chocolate and snacks and I won’t forget to ask “do we need anything else?” and suggest a solution like “how do we get there together?” Offering my solution to world problems through compassion, love and action.

I will continue to inspire women and anyone that will listen, to live in their highest potential.  I will share what I know by going through the archives of my life’s stories that have touched me, taught me, broken me and resurrected me in order to move you. I’m not ashamed, I’m human.

It isn’t a gift until you give it away, so here is my gift to you - with a pretty pink bow on top.

It’s your turn. Who are you?

How we do anything, is how we do everything.


On a recent flight I sat beside an American guy departing Nicaragua to return back to San Francisco. He was a nice looking guy so I entertained the small talk chit-chat but it grew into a much more interesting conversation once I discovered the reason why he was in Nicaragua. Jon Bloom works for a non-profit organization that connects people to lenders so they can receive small loans to start their own business. Doing this creates an opportunity for the individual with a goal to alleviate poverty in developing countries. Pure awesome! Nicaragua being one of the top 10 poorest countries in the world, I was moved by this and took his business card and promised to be in touch.

Rewind for a second, just days before I left on this flight my friend Amber came by for lunch and we were at my house discussing the Yoga DVD she was hoping to make but things were falling out-of-place with her investor and I could see how much energy she was expelling so I offered to help if things didn’t work out. I could see how much she wanted to fulfill her dream but she just needed a little money in order to do this. She said she would be in touch if things changed.

After the flight and while I was in Canada I received an email from Amber saying she needed a new investor. Remembering my recent conversation with Jon Bloom on the plane I felt compelled. I hadn’t mentioned this to Amber, I didn’t see the point at the time. So I said yes!

To make a long story short, we just returned from NYC where we went to produce Amber’s DVD Yogaeira. We were a team of five women that did a fantastic job from hair, makeup, lighting, filming, editing, supporting, producing, creating, moving and just living in the moment. All of us came together to work as a team to see a project through and most importantly to make Amber’s dream come ALIVE!

Now, with the finished product in hand, Amber turned to me and said, “Heidi, with my profits for the first year, I want to give 100% of it to Kiva. You inspired me by your willingness to give and gave me this opportunity and without your help I could not have done it. So now, I want to help others by supporting them with the portion of my profits because this is what the Kiva organization does.”  

Having forgotten now, three months later about Jon Bloom and Kiva, when I returned home from a whirl wind tour of Europe I saw Jon's Kiva business card sitting on my open book shelf. It had fallen out of my book and my friend staying in my house placed it there for my eyes to see. Wow. Full circle. .... the universe, you little angel!

I will repeat this again .... How we do anything, is how we do everything.

It’s your turn, Who are you?

What are you going to create? Your desires are your prayers.

If you are going to create, let’s just be honest here, you have to be a bit crazy. Innovation, great, bold changes are the difference between mediocre and FUCKING AWESOME! Go with no agenda, don’t get stuck with a plan because more creative things may come up. Quit planning so the creative can happen!

There is a difference between denial and transcendence. You have to feel it, to heal it in order to release it. You need friends to help you. We have to have the same kind of courage, conviction and commitment behind our love that some people put behind hate. If we see ourselves as separate, we cannot live in peace. When someones mind thinks differently it effects everyone. I’m a wave, and I feel powerful and so should you but most people are like sunbeams from the sun thinking they are different but we are not. We are all the same, we are all connected to the body of the sun.

Be the inspiration you wish to see in this world. One love. Together we can build each other up, or we can tear each other down.  We don’t have to suffer if someone else is suffering. The way to HELP someone is to open yourself to someone! Allowing someone to be what and who they are is the best way to help. Trust is a form of strength with an open heart. Rise out of expansion not obligation.

Let’s support Kiva by purchasing Amber’s Yogaeira DVD!  A team of five women create Yogaeira™ the DVD by Amber Campion.

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Photography by: Heidi Parker

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All Roads Lead to Rome ..

“When in Rome ...

do as the Romans do.”

Funny, my Italian friends have never heard that expression and when I casually busted it out the other night over contemplating which Pizza to order, I just gave in and selected what they so easily decided on and then said aloud, “when in Rome.”  They just gave me a blank stare. Having to explain the meaning, I later discovered with my own research, that back in the 300’s St. Augustine asked St. Ambrose to go to Rome on a mission. St. Ambrose became concerned about this mission and which holy day to follow while being away because the Romans fasted on a different day than they did. St. Augustine advised wisely by saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

So when visiting a foreign country this advice is still used today as a reminder to do your best to follow the culture and customs of the people inhabiting the county.  Currently being in Rome I find myself silently repeating this phrase around meal time when big decisions need to be made on countless possibilities: “which type of pasta, which ingredients on my pizza?”

“When in Rome” has not made applying “yoga” easy as I try to refrain myself from the passing impulses of the unnecessary consumption of delicious baked goods, wine and endless carbohydrates and refined sugar goodies, not to mention elegant designer clothing that would make one look like a princess. I’ve been wearing bikinis and spandex for far too long!

The other day my friend took me shopping and later we went to meet some other friends for a drink and he told his girl friend where we went and she smacked him on the arm and said, “Why did you take her there, she is a simple girl!” At first, I didn’t know if I should be offended but then her words were a true compliment to my current lifestyle and yoga practice. Living in Nicaragua for two years has really “simplified” my life.  My once a major problem shopping-addiction has slowly fizzled out but I found myself the other day looking around the crowd wondering if I stood out, feeling a bit out-of-place being under dressed at a Rugby match in the hills of only God knows where. Mama mia!  When I received the invitation to the game, I must have been “Lost in translation” because I didn’t dress in Prada and Gucci.  Sometimes it is quite difficult to “do as the Romans do” or “keep up with the Joneses” for my Westernized readers.

But here I am, back in Italy two years later to retrieve my heart that I carelessly left behind the first time. On my first visit I fell in love with the food, the culture and the history of this beautiful country and made several friends worth coming back for and when this invitation came it didn’t even cross my mind what I was going to wear.

So I packed and came seeking once again, to experience the customs and culture to take in the historical sites but I know that sometimes seeking doesn’t always lead you to happiness or to the love you thought it might. Several times in Rome I have paused in a moment of thought and asked myself, “Why am I here again? What am I trying to learn? What do I desire that will bring me closer to my truth?”

Pause. Here. In this moment if ever you have a similar one... pause in this space and look at the lesson or the path the universe is trying to reveal to you and/or why this law of attraction and your archetype pattern has brought you here, seeking.

What do you truly need?

Each time I seek. I pause.

Each time I seek. I listen.

Each time I seek, I sit in silence. In meditation. I breathe deeply. Listen.

Each time I seek. I learn.

Each time I seek, I ask myself... “What am I seeking?”

Normally in my seeking I find that I have learned something significant about myself, my needs, my desires and in this seeking of truth bring me steps closer to myself. And knowing myself is actually what I was seeking in the first place. Seeking can put you in different, challenging and difficult situations. When staying far far away at my jungle home in Nicaragua living mainly in solitude, I must seek because this type of living won’t otherwise provide me new chances to learn. So I seek adventure to apply my yoga practice off the mat.

So now, here I am in Rome with walls and buildings crumbling down around me and many citizens not giving a dam if the city tries to save them. The scaffolding is like a thick cast trying to heal an old wound and once removed the new bricks reveal themselves, the wounds appear fresh as a significant reminder that no matter how much we try to save something, the spirit and the history of it will still live on in all its glory but the effort bring comfort.

“Can you still see the beauty when the walls are tumbling down in your life wherever you are?”

This transformation is necessary to save the structures and even though it changes them a bit you still get the idea that the history has not changed. These structures still house the stories, spirit and the consciousness of great men and women that once were.

Every time we drive to the center of Rome to have an evening out, my Italian friend complains about the lack of parking and if they just “tore down” these structures there would be parking!” Those comments break my heart but what is even more heart-wrenching is that civilization has evolved so much that we need these historical structures to most importantly remind us of what once was a different way of life. A more simplistic way of life. Leonardo da Vinci said it himself, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Our consciousness and ego has evolved above and beyond simplicity and we are producing and consuming at a rate that has left us divided by time. And you know how I feel about time. Time is an illusion.

No matter what country we are in, we are all the same. Human nature is exactly the same. Over pizza, burgers or beans and rice, discussing and listening to my friends speak of problems or thoughts whether it be in Italy, Canada, Nicaragua or Asia, we all speak about the same hot topics- love, infidelity, food, sex, money, history  - the conversation remains the same. We are all the same no matter what part of the world we live in. We all have the same heart breaks. We all share the same worries. We are all one. We are all connected. I exist because you exist. I exist because we exist. As soon as we can embrace this knowledge and turn the pages of the history books we will see that once upon a time the human race was more in tune with nature and connected with the consciousness between one another and with animals, stars, sky, trees, rivers, and the great oceans and this energy and spirit at a time somehow belonged to us all.

In this world you can still find and seek so much beauty if you chose to see it.

“All roads lead to Rome” is a brilliant expression meaning there are several paths that lead to a common goal. You see, in Rome, there is an actual center of this city that dates back to even before 70 AD and all of the outer roads led to the heart/center of Rome and they still do. Eventually consciousness will evolve and we will all end up in the same place as the universe intended. Go ahead, get lost, find your own unique way,  following your truest desires. Truth will eventually lead you back to the center, to oneness, to the divine, to the light and everyone else will be there too, waiting for you, with open arms.

The inner light in me, recognizes the inner light in you to be the same. In oneness. One love. Namaste

Pizza, pasta, gelato repeat!

Next stop, Paris! Ciao Italy - Bonjour France.

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Sept. 12, 2012 For Immediate Release: Seeking Santosha Launches Yogaeira™

COMING SOON, an Innovative fusion of Vinyasa Yoga and the Brazilian Martial Art / Dance known as Capoeira available on DVD.

SOURCE Seeking Santosha

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua Sept. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Seeking Santosha, a Lifestyle Wellness Company is pleased to announced the future release of the DVD, Yogaeira™ by Amber Campion and upcoming Yogaeira Workshops in NYC.

Yogaeira is a fusion of Vinyasa Yoga and the Brazilian martial art/dance known as Capoeira. A practice that fully engages the mind, body, and heart deep into a space of self-reflection, inquiry, and playfulness. The practice is designed to ignite your inner animal and connect you to your truth, your instinctual call of movement and breath, as well as challenge you to push your practice to new heights with inversions, arm balances, backbends, and new postures that are signature moves of Yogaeira ™ such as Negativasana and Queda De Rins Asana.

As I settled into the first Adho Mukha Svanasana in Amber Campion’s Yogaeira™ class off in the distance church bells began to chime followed by glorious singing as the Nicaraguan choir offered up it’s prayers. It was a normal Sunday in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua bar the recent volcano eruption and the fact I wasn’t doing a typical Vinyasa Flow. I may not have been reading along in the bible and sitting in a church pew in front of a Catholic Priest but my yoga mat and Amber’s voice was the guidance I was seeking on this particular day. Her carefully selected words directed my mind, body, and heart deep into a space of self-reflection and into some new playful asanas I’d never tried before. But don’t get me wrong, it’s yoga, and then some!” -Heidi Parker, Certified Yoga Teacher and Founder of Seeking Santosha

Yogaeira™ by Amber Campion has an approximate run time of 90 minutes with a suggested retail price of $17.99. The DVD will be available November 15, 2012 in Yoga/Capoeira studios nationwide and online at, and

About Amber Campion

Yogaeira™ creator, Amber Campion has immersed herself since 2006 in the practice of cultivating awareness and mindfulness through the ancient arts of Yoga, Capoeira, & Thai Bodywork. Her ability to create a sequence that is organic, creative, technical, focused, and playful make her accessible to all levels of practitioners. The practice consists of Capoeira techniques and conditioning set within an Intelligent and creative Vinyasa flow that also incorporates meditation, pranayama, and bodywork. Amber called NYC home for ten years but she currently resides in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua where you can find her teaching Vinyasa Yoga and playing Capoeira with underprivileged children at the Barrio Planta Project. She also leads Yoga Playground, Thai Massage/Body Work and Yogaeira™ Workshops and Retreats. Check out her November Yoga Surf Retreat in Nicaragua, November 24th to December 1st (see for details.

DVD Special Features

On the DVD you will find a Technique Tutorial where Amber will offer a detailed explanation of some of the more challenging and signature postures. Another chapter will guide you through several self body work (massage) techniques to teach and encourage you to maintain a healthy mind and body through awareness of self nurturing. Amber will also teach you about the major pressure points that trigger your parasympathetic nervous system, turning down your "fight or flight" reactive mind and releasing serotonin (enhances calmness, improves mood, lessens depression) and endorphins (the body's "natural high" which gives pain relief and pleasure when released). The practice is also infused with pranayama (breathwork) throughout the flow, helping to release dopamine to enhance mental clarity and focus. Smiling, laughing, and not taking yourself too seriously is highly encouraged to remind you to stay at ease and playful as you move through this 65 minute journey of Yogaeira™

Grab Your Mat, Meet Amber and Experience Yogaeira in NYC


 Yogaeira Playshop

  Date: October 13, 2012 

  Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

  Price: $25.00 members/ $30 non-members

Bend & Bloom (Brooklyn, NY)

 Yogaeira Playshop

  Date: October 21, 2012 

  Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

  Price: $30.00 

Amber's Availability

Amber is always willing to travel. Invite Amber to your Yoga Studio or Festival. To book a date with Amber, contact her PR Representative / Manager Heidi Parker

Media Contact:

Heidi Parker / Seeking Santosha

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Part 2. Infidelity, the truth exposed! Where is my guru?

As I stepped outside my house the Nicaraguan heat suffocated my breath and for a moment I thought, what is hotter than the weather in Nicaragua year round? The topic of Infidelity. Yep, it sure is. Muy muy caliente!

Don’t worry I’ll be throwing caution to the wind to cool things down with the intention to bring about change and awareness whilst knowing damn well that this topic can be one of the biggest fears we face as human beings in a relationship.

As spiritual beings we are forever learning, developing and evolving. Thank you for being here. If you are here, you are prepared to do the dirty work.

We pick opportunities and experiences that are optimum for our spiritual growth and awareness. I’m only trying to inspire your thoughts through guidance so together we can create a more conscious creation of our lives and this world. Our lives are a canvas to which we paint our own destiny. And what I’m about to paint for you is simply a picture of my own thoughts and awareness for you to either relate to or not. My words are for your consideration only. Don’t burn me at the stake please, it’s hot enough here!

So here I am. Living my life by surfing the waves of karma. Listening to that inner voice to guide my decisions. Enjoying the natural ebbs and flows of what comes my way. Living my life’s purpose through a yogic lifestyle. Treading lightly over everyone’s dreams by practicing non-judgement. Eliminating gossip and bad habits. Learning about archetypal patterns and why I attract certain people into my life and why I have come into yours. Accepting full responsibility of each interaction and of any mistreatment, learning from it and moving on. Living each moment in the present, surrendering to the divine power of the universe as I manifest each intention. Flowing with nature, not concerned about time. Loving each creature and being that comes onto my path and having compassion for the people who are hurting and accepting that us humans are only doing our best under each given circumstance. I have not walked one step in your shoes but your pain is also mine. Forgiving each person that may have broken my heart because it releases me from my own suffering. Not only am I speaking my truth but I’m doing my best to match each word and apply it to the way I currently live, not pretending, and being my most authentic self. Loving the reflection I see in the mirror and each reflection I see when I look at each one of you, because we are all one, connected by light and dark. Hugging your shadow because my shadow is yours, befriending your ego because your ego is mine. Softening my gaze to see beyond what might be currently forming and knowing that each one of us is a soul made of energy and spirit. We are all beautiful. I exist because we exist.

The topic of infidelity has been a raging fire in my second Chakra, Swadhisthana throwing me off-balance because I have been faced with unconscious desires and sexual temptations even a saint would have a hard time saying no to. I have attracted unavailable men not because I have ever been unfaithful in a relationship but for other reasons that I will discuss in the following paragraphs. The courage to speak about it is coming from the necessity to keep my Throat Chaka, Vishuddha pure by being authentic and speaking the truth as I heal my Heart Chakra, Anahata keeping this tiny flame lit while maintaining the ability to make decisions outside of the realm of karma and attracting faithful available love in the future.

As a side note, but an important one!  To my dear friends, my friends with boyfriends, this does not pertain to you so don’t go getting your panties in a wad. Your boyfriends are faithful and amazing.  Believe me, none of these men I'm referring to are dating any women I personally know.

Infidelity, colloquially known as cheating, adultery, or having an affair. Breaking a promise to remain faithful to a sexual partner in a committed relationship is the reality we face. And it is a problem.

So how can we stop infidelity? I’m starting with myself, by being honest and speaking the truth.

I have asked myself, “Why do I chose un-trustworthy men with little integrity that have the ego to keep pursuing other women while he’s in a relationship because he values excitement more than stability?”

The answer: I chase exciting interesting men in the hopes they are single and available and it may come as a surprise to you but it’s because I’m exciting and interesting myself. ha, ha!

When meeting exciting interesting men, I see the reflection of myself and that feeds my curiosity. Unfortunately, many of these exciting interesting men I have met over the past two years have not been single and nor have they admitted to having a girlfriend up front. But the truth always comes out, in time, because I make sure to ask the appropriate questions and put a stop to taking things further. I know in my heart of hearts he’s not going to leave his girlfriend so I find no more thrill in the hunt. Duh.  But, I am left with the disappointment and thought that “all the good ones are taken.” When the reality is "this man had no integrity in the first place, I don’t want him!"

Looking at my archetypal patterns and the energy I’m spinning, I obviously have trust issues. I keep attracting unavailable men. So here I am, knee-deep in the muck because I placed myself here, not because I have ever cheated on anyone, but because I planted these seeds of doubt that relationships are not pure because I had been cheated on in my very first relationship. Having little trust in men stems from these old patterns of the past. Now I’m forced to look at these patterns and change the only common denominator in my life which is myself. If you are a man reading this and keep attracting women who are also in a relationship, take responsibility for your own actions, right here and now - join me.

In the end, we can only take responsibility for changing our own self and the way we view life and the choices we make. I’m not embarrassed about it. I’m human. I make mistakes but learning from them is the most valuable lesson gained through every experience I encounter.  I’m willing to do the dirty work, to get down on my hands and knees and look under that bottom shelf called my past life, you know the one, the one that hasn’t been dusted for a long time. Get under there and clean that sh@t OUT!

Infidelity may be inevitable whether its physical or emotional but it is most definitely not a black and white solution.

So if you relate to my words in any fashion, ask yourself these questions:

What does your relationship mean to you? What do you share together that no one else can intercede and take? Are your parents still together? Did your father leave you or your mother? Do you have any role models or paradigms of successful relationships in your life? Have you always gone for emotionally unavailable men/women or did you start after a specific event in your life?

So, starting today and not a minute sooner, I WILL start choosing men based on ONE quality alone: integrity.His and my own! Integrity will trump attraction and I have already quickly discovered that the lack of impulse to engage with men who are taken are going to bring me closer to the one I’m meant to be with. No more distractions.

I will find a man who loves the ocean just as much as I do, believes in the innate oneness of all things and beings, knows that love is the only thing that can change the world, loves vintage anything like: a good vintage boxed wine, vintage shoe and furniture shopping, exploring and traveling to far off distance lands, laughing, and did I mention laughing? Laughing at stupid things and each other, food and eating the food I cook. okay, okay never mind...I've gone too far. But you know what I mean and you know how the story ends.

If you want to learn more about the Chakras and how to clear any negative energy and eliminate old archetypal patterns, join me in Nicaragua for a vigorous yoga practice specifically related to what you may be experiencing in your life. If you can't join me here I'm available for Archetypal Readings and Guidance for healing via email and skype. Or just join me for a surf date!

Email me: and don't forget to leave a comment or subscribe to my blog!

Testimonial, just in-case you are skeptical.

In the words of Barb K. from Seattle Washington:

"I have had the fortune to learn from yoga teachers practicing different disciplines in multiple cities, multiple states and multiple countries. Each teacher whose path I have had the privilege to cross leaves some kind of impression; subtle, like a watermark gently etched on my subconscious. While I am grateful for these intersections, most easily come and go as if flipping pages in a book. Two days ago I was given a gift, a very meaningful, beautiful, and forever unique gift. Sha Kti (Heidi) introduced me to the true meaning of yoga; how the body, mind and universe collectively consort based on the energy I share, and those energies I have been holding in my collective conscious that desperately seek release. Upon awakening I expected it to be another normal Monday, (sans being in Nicaragua). + I saw Sha Kti (Heidi) readying to meditate and perhaps do yoga. I asked if I could join her. Her joyful smile welcomed me. Practicing yoga with Sha Kti (Heidi) was natural, pure, lucent… Her words spoke to my soul. I felt empowered and inspired to determine my life’s aspirations. I was reminded again; anything is possible. It’s my path, my story, my book to write. A thousand thanks will never be enough for the majestic memory of my experience." BK


Read Part 1. Time. Where is my guru?

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I love your dark!

Packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking. My life goes something like that. I just returned to Nicaragua from Whistler, Canada where I spent an amazing five weeks in the mountains I called home for ten years. And the first thing I did before unpacking was paddle out. But I wasn’t alone, I had two well seasoned San Diego surfers by my side to play in the waves, engage mother nature and feel the journey.

Spending the past few days with these new friends helped me apply what I learned from the Wanderlust Yoga Festival. You see, I attracted these beings into my life for a reason.

“We don't attract what we want in life. We attract what we are in life.” - Dr. Wayne

Think about that thought for a moment. And then, think about the people you have attracted into your life.

If we attract people who embody the same qualities as ourselves and we don’t like certain qualities about this person, it is here, in this space, we must realize we need to change these aspects about ourselves. The closer we become to knowing our true nature we can embrace the shadow of our self and allow these qualities to come up as a detox so they can be released from our soul.

But first, we need to have compassion for ourselves in the process. Compassion is key. Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Sure, it’s easy for me to say... but that’s why I’m saying it!

I now find compassion and warmth in the shadows of myself and others. I now understand we don’t have to suffer if someone else is suffering. The way to help someone is to open yourself to this person by allowing them to be what they are. My ego points out your ego and my shadow points out your shadow. It’s true. The light, “Heaven,” is the awareness of our oneness. When someone’s mind thinks differently it effects everyone and nothing will ever change.

When I’m surfing and I get sent through the wave washing machine, my first reaction is to panic and try to swim for the surface but if I relax and try to flow with the water and it’s intended course I resurface with ease. If I struggle and fight the ocean instead of trying to be one with it, I get tired and lose my breath swallowing lots of water making my experience an uncomfortable one. We need to stop thinking we are different from one another as though we are individually like some special sun beam coming from the sun separately, but if we look to the body of the sun, we will see we are all the same - we are all one. Connected by light.

Now, I accept and love a person’s shadow and understand that I can learn more about my own self if I bravely enter into this space with courage and an open heart. Once I opened my eyes to the beauty that this darkness holds, there was no longer room for judgement and I could change old patterns and beliefs which eventually led to more happy days filled with endless sunshine. So, be brave, open the door and say, “I’m going in there, into the darkness, to help this person but I’m not going to be rocked out of my center. I’m going to learn something about myself here.”

I’m moving through the world with this new consciousness to bring about change. Are you coming with me?

I was walking by a muddy puddle the other day and at first I saw this puddle, my ego labeled it, gave it a name, as we do: “mud puddle,” but then I took a second look softening my gaze and I could see a beautiful reflection of the mountains and the sky, and thought; “wow, how beautiful!” It was in this moment that I understood how to best align my yoga practice with the world. Everything we do is infused with the consciousness of which we do it. Our ideas grow stronger when they are shared. And it is my moral imperative, my responsibility, when I roll up my yoga mat and go out into the world to share what I know,  what I have learned and what I experience. My thoughts are an extension of compassion and love for our Universal Family and with this collective consciousness we start to bring about change.

It is important for us to know where and what our core is. It will not feel the same to everyone. It will not look the same. It will not be the same, and you will not have the same sensations, for each of our cores are different like waves at a beach break or like snowflakes falling from the sky. We all have a different design that are unique and truly our own vibration. In that vibration you create your own color and your own signature and your own signage and all the things that scream out to the rest of the Universe “This is WHO I am.” But there needs to be a... shall we say,... a kind of coming together with this new energy. You do not have to sacrifice WHO you are, for that will remain. You do, however, need to be more flexible in the way you handle the energy that is coming your way, this energy of other’s that you have attracted to you.

It is time for each of us to stop putting energy into things that do not belong to us, like another person’s problems. Rather, we need to put our energy into the who and what we are and what we are trying to create, embracing our own shadow to make change, and in doing that we will have that much more energy and love to offer others.

So here I am, extending my thoughts above my head as though they were my hands and with this offering to the universe, this exertion of energy becomes the light we seek to bring down from the heavens like sunbeams - a blanket of oneness. We feel these sunbeams enter our soul and then we feel the journey - illuminating and eventually eliminating the shadows.

Through my writing, this type of engagement allows me to be the change I wish to see in the world because that of which we can engage in our hearts we can change forever.  This is where the ocean meets the sky, the breaking waves kiss the sand, the water washes onto the shore, or for you city folks - where the rubber meets the pavement!

But, if you don’t want to listen to me, Alanis Morisett sang it best...

You see everything, you see every part, You see all my light, And you love my dark. You dig everything, of which I’m ashamed, there is not anything to which you can’t relate, and you're still here. (Listen here, you should, it will make more sense!)

Join me in Nicaragua for a spiritual journey in oneness and let’s play in the waves and dance in the sunshine of our own bright light while embracing the shadows with a compassionate hug to bring about pure joy, change, and santosha (contentment) on this journey - feeling it in our hearts every step of the way and knowing that our love for each other is the only thing we need.

I exist, because we exist, We belong to each other. If we learn to love ourselves, we learn to love everyone.



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Wanderlust Whistler, the letter that won me a full pass!

Most of you know I'm back in Whistler where I lived for 10 years prior to moving to Nicaragua two years ago. It's been an amazing four weeks in the mountains with my loving friends. Breathing the fresh air and feeling the coolness on my skin has never felt better. But it's strange, here my mind has been so active. Whistler is so full of energy that it has sent my mind into over drive. I'll be out in nature and start to feel inspired but as soon as I get back indoors all the creative words melt away. I feel like I've been letting my blog readers down. Everyone is in a hurry here, rushing from one place to the next. Hardly stopping to take in the beauty that surrounds us and it really has had an effect on me. I love it here but I'm looking forward to being back in the ocean on my surf board so I can gain some clarity, some peace and start creating and inspiring YOU again!

With that said...I'm so grateful for my time in Canada and I wouldn't trade it for a second. I hear the ocean calling but first I'll be attending the Wanderlust Festival with a full fledge Press Wristband that gives me full access to the event.

Here is the letter that won me this amazing pass. Never give up on your dreams friends, and always believe in yourself.


Letter to the Pique News Magazine.

It seems like yesterday I had accepted the Sales Manager position at the Pique News Magazine. Oh the memories, total nostalgia now as I look up at Whistler’s majestic Peaks and read my favorite newspaper, Pique Newsmagazine, recalling the memories.

Julia McCabe current well-known Whistler-celeb-yogini was my trusty sales coordinator at the time, circa 2005. She was the glue that held the sales department together nonetheless. She was the anchor of our team, the rock, the peace keeper, the organizational blessing that got us through Wednesday’s dreaded deadline seamlessly so we could send the paper to print. And funny enough she still provides the same support in my life to this day. She is a solid person, a friend, a wonderful yoga teacher and my guru.

During coffee breaks Julia used to encourage me to come to her nightly yoga class where she rendezvoused as a Yoga Teacher by night. But, the thought of being indoors on a hot summer day sweating it out on stinky carpet after the 9-5 desk job was not gonna happen, so I never went. Adding some spirituality into my life and learning to meditate and clear my mind would have helped me deal more effectively and efficiently with our weekly deadline, if only I had trusted Julia back then.

Back to circa 2005, if you had told me to write my life story as to where I’d be in 2010, after the Olympics, in 5 years I’d never have guessed I’d be joining Julia in Nicaragua for her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and neither of us would no longer be working for  the Pique.  Also, if you had told me that I would never return to Canada, only to buy property in Nicaragua, build a home and start a business I’d have laughed out loud - but that is exactly what happened. Nothing in the universe is random. I know that now. Julia was meant to come into my life and onto my path and a part of our paths in meeting can be attributed to the Pique. After all, the Pique has contributed to the growth of the Whistler community by documenting it’s growth, never skipping a beat with Kathy Barnett’s spirit and legacy leading the way.

So here I am, back in Canada to renew my Permanent Resident card and take in the natural beauty Whistler has to offer. I feel like such a tourist even though I called Whistler home for 10 years. But...nothing is random, right?!?

There is an old saying, “I can see right through you,” and there has never been a more valid time than this one to start living more consciously. There is a shift happening and if you are in tune with your higher-mind then you already know what I’m saying and are aware of the necessity to live, walk and speak your truth. It is time to live more transparently - to lead by example, to create, grow, expand and inspire.

At the beach, or in the mountains, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.

Living in Nicaragua and spending lots of time in the ocean and in the jungle provides me a lot of time. Time alone, but not really alone when you think about the oneness and the connectedness of all things and beings. I do hear the echo. I do have time to sit with myself. I take the time. Time to sit with thought, or no thought. Time to determine my life’s purpose. Time to listen to my heart-mind and to follow my dreams and intuition, let them expand and grow. Time to climb the highest peak where I can gain a 360 degree view of the world, of the nature that surrounds me. Time to find my higher mind. Consciousness. Awareness. Time means nothing here. On top of the world where you can see forever. From here you can hear the echo. (You will get back what you put out. What you think and say will come back to you. Can you hear the echo?)The valley of the ego-mind does not offer the same view.

I have the time. I take the time but time does not dictate what I want to create. Live in time but not by time.

I often turn within to seek the answers I may need but I also find comfort in the fact that there may not be an answer. Silence. Meditation. Being in the jungle and on a surf board in the ocean allows me to connect with nature. I spend many days observing nature and the natural cycle of life as it unfolds before my eyes. Time has slowed down here. Some people still drive a cart pulled by an Ox. Time has no meaning. They will get there when they get there. The work will get done when it gets done. Living in time but not by time.

I Often ask myself the question, “how can I change my lifestyle to reflect a more natural way of life, like nature?” Transparency. Nature does not care about time. Nature goes with it’s own flow. Nature doesn’t look at it’s watch and say, “It’s time to change the season.” Nope, it just does. Nature was not made by time. Nature grows. A seed expands from within and eventually complicates itself and turns into a plant, that is a beautiful thing. My dreams were seeds that were planted many years ago and with the proper care of love, meditation and courage they complicated themselves and expanded out of my consciousness and manifested into reality.

Time does not belong in nature. I have come to learn that time is a limitation that man brought into human nature but is not a part of nature itself. Time is ego. Time is a way to control us. Back in North America time used to govern my life. I have become accustomed to “Nica-time.” In my own good time I get things done. I go with the true natural flow inside of me. I want to expand like a seed in nature and turn my life into something beautiful. Freedom. Freedom from time. I’m reprogramming myself and becoming more and more transparent. Blossom into your full potential. You were created to grow and shine your light.

If you want to accomplish something you must first expect it from yourself. Ego is the false self. Ego is not authentic. Be authentic like nature. Strive to connect with your higher-mind.

Kundalini is the primordial cosmic power which is within us an around us always. When the inner kundalini is awake it turns us inward to our soul, the source and the divine. It is the beginning of the spiritual journey that enables us to experience the inner spiritual world, your higher mind. Turning within can lead you to the inner guru.

My inner guru is telling me to live in time. Live in the moment. Breathe. Expand. Grow. Shine and GO TO WANDERLUST. I hope to connect with Julia McCabe at Wanderlust and many of the other wonderful inspirational teachers so I can learn, expand, grow and contribute to this beautiful festival and the collective consciousness of Whistler and the world.

Paz y amor, (peace and love)


Check out my teacher Julia Mccabe cool video! And come see her at Wanderlust! She has a teacher training in Nicaragua this October, contact me for details!



Part 1. Time. Where is my Guru?


“Time is of the essence” means that a hurry is now required.

The thought of that gives me anxiety. Hurry, hurry, hurry! No thanks. Nature does not know or relate to or even comprehend the words “hurry” or “time” and I’m starting to understand and follow natures lead. Nature is transparent. If you take some time to observe nature it is easy to see what will happen next.

There is an old saying, “I can see right through you,” and there has never been a more valid ‘time’ than this one to start living more consciously. HURRY! There is a shift happening and if you are in tune with your higher-mind then you already know what I’m saying and are aware of the necessity to live, walk and speak your truth. It is time to live more transparently - to lead by example, to create, grow, expand and inspire.

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.” -Author Unknown

Living in Nicaragua and spending lots of time in the ocean and in the jungle provides me a lot of time. Time alone, but not really alone when you think about the oneness and the connectedness of all things and beings. Thank you for cementing this into my spirituality Mike Grefner. I do hear the echo. I do have time to sit with myself. I take the time. Time to sit with thought, or no thought. Time to determine my life’s purpose. Time to listen to my heart-mind and to follow my dreams and intuition, let them expand and grow. Time to climb the highest peak where I can gain a 360 degree view of the world, of the nature that surrounds me. Time to find my higher mind. Consciousness. Awareness. Time means nothing here. On top of the world where you can see forever. From here you can hear the echo. (You will get back what you put out. What you think and say will come back to you. Can you hear the echo?) The valley of the ego-mind does not offer the same view or resonation.

I have the time . I take the time but time does not dictate what I want to create. Live in time but not by time.

Time. What is time? What time is it? Do I need to be somewhere? Time is how we differ from animals. Time is one of the greatest restraints in all of nature. Time is not a part of nature’s way. Time is ego. Time governs human nature.

I often turn within to seek the answers I may need but I also find comfort in the fact that there may not be an answer. Silence. Meditation. Being in the jungle and on a surf board in the ocean allows me to connect with nature. I spend many days observing nature and the natural cycle of life as it unfolds before my eyes. Time has slowed down here. Some people still drive a cart pulled by an Ox. Time has no meaning. They will get there when they get there. The work will get done when it gets done. Living in time but not by time.

I Often ask myself the question, “how can I change my lifestyle to reflect a more natural way of living to resemble nature?” Transparency. Nature does not care about time. Nature goes with it’s own flow. Nature doesn’t look at it’s watch and say, “It’s time to change the season.” Nope, it just does. Nature was not made by time. Nature grows. A seed expands from within and eventually complicates itself and turns into a plant, that is a beautiful thing.

My dreams were seeds that were planted many years ago and with the proper care of love, meditation and courage they complicated themselves and expanded out of my consciousness and manifested into reality.

Time does not belong in nature. I have come to learn that time is a limitation that man brought into human nature but is not a part of nature itself. Time is ego. Time is a way to control us. Back in North America time used to govern my life. I have become accustomed to “Nica-time.” In my own good time I get things done. I go with the true natural flow inside of me. I want to expand like a seed in nature and turn my life into something beautiful. Freedom. Freedom from time. I’m reprogramming myself and becoming more and more transparent. Blossom into your full potential. You were created to grow and shine your light.

If you want to accomplish something you must first expect it from yourself. Ego is the false self. Ego is not authentic. Be authentic like nature. Strive to connect with your higher-mind.

Kundalini is the primordial cosmic power which is within us an around us always. When the inner kundalini is awake it turns us inward to our soul, the source and the divine. It is the beginning of the spiritual journey that enables us to experience the inner spiritual world, your higher mind. Turning within will lead you to the inner guru.

My inner guru is telling me to live in time. Live in the moment. Breathe. Expand. Grow. Shine and share what I have learned.

What are you seeking?

Why learn to meditate? So much of the stress and tension we normally experience comes from our mind. By training in meditation, we create an inner space and clarity that enables us to control our mind. Eventually, we will be able to stay happy all the time, even in the most difficult circumstances. The first stage of meditation is to stop distractions and make our mind clearer and more lucid. Choose a quiet place to meditate and sit in a comfortable upright position. Sit in the traditional cross-legged posture or in any other position that is comfortable. The most important thing is to keep our back straight to prevent our mind from becoming sluggish or sleepy. To learn more click here

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu = an invocational mantra meaning "May all beings everywhere be free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all." Listen here

Lokah: Location, realm, all universes existing now Samastah: All beings sharing that same location Sukhino: Centered in happiness and joy, free from suffering Bhav: The divine mood or state of unified existence Antu: May it be so, it must be so (antu used as an ending transforms this mantra into a powerful pledge)

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Not everyone can do a handstand or head stand, but everyone eats. If you love animals, love ALL animals.

The other day I was sitting at a little outdoor restaurant with my friends at Playa Hermosa here in Nicaragua after a satisfying surf, drinking some coconut water straight out of the shell. Ahhhh-mazing. Yo amo mi vida = I love my life! Play Hermosa means beautiful beach and it truly is a beautiful beach.

Not to mention, as I looked around, people watching, many beautiful half-naked people passed by. I sat here, rehydrating, enjoying the tiredness in my muscles from the surf, taking in the salty air, the company of good friends and then my gaze stopped at a sign offering Sea Turtles Tours.

The sign initially caught my eye because they spelled turtle wrong (tortle) and I chuckled out loud then turned my attention to my Nica friend and asked if she likes Tortugas =Turtles. She replied by telling me she loves to eat them. Sí, me gusta comer la carne de tortuga, que toma buena.” She also mentioned her uncle got arrested for killing them.

I remained calm on the outside, appearing aloof as us Aquarians do but the thought of this broke my heart. I do not eat meat anymore because I love animals and believe in the innate oneness and connection to all things and beings but I kept these thoughts to myself.

Immediately I was whisked back in time via my mental tele-porter to a volunteer project and yoga teacher training in October of 2010 that first brought me to Nicaragua and what sent me down my path as a vegetarian moving toward veganism. Day by day making conscious choices, life altering changes by being fully aware of my decisions. It’s not easy but it is a choice.

Yoga is a life style. Yoga is a mindful, spiritual and soulful practice supporting all life and our planet to create a world free from destruction and harm. Karma and giving back with no attachments is also part of the yogic lifestyle and it was included as part of my yoga teacher training with my teacher and Guru Julia McCabe. An experience that I will never forget and what has since guided me down a path of peace and purpose.

This day our yoga group of 14 yogi students rode in the back of 4x4 trucks down muddy roads passing by thick lush jungle as the ox cart carried our supplies separately down the beach because it wouldn’t all fit in the trucks. The air was humid and the sun was hot and on this morning we were not allowed to speak to one another. This was a morning of silence, a moving meditation, as we embarked on a journey to assist in a volunteer project with Nicaragua’s Flora and Fauna.

As we got to our initial destination we jumped out of the truck and started our decent up the beach. We were instructed by Julia to repeat a universal mantra internally to keep our minds clear. “So-hum.” As you inhale, the sound of that vibration is "so." And as you exhale, the sound becomes "hum." The mantra, then, is a way to experience nonlocal consciousness. Many other traditional cultures have used it for thousands of years, not just Yogis. In every tradition mantras involve chanting to create special vibrations, sounds of the universe that create something from nothingness, that move energy from the unmanifest into the manifest. But I’m not gonna lie, I became bored with this after what felt like an eternity and half way into the journey my mantra turned to the popular Eminem song, Not Afraid - Lah, lah, lah.... “I’m not afraid, To take a stand, everybody come take my hand, we’ll walk this road together, through the storm, whatever weather cold or warm, just lettin’ you know your not alone.....” Listen here:

We finally made it to Flora and Fauna’s base camp. Outdoor living at it’s finest. A tarp as shelter from the elements, no toilet and only a camp fire to cook over. The Flora and Fauna team were the only visible people on this deserted beach in the middle of nowhere. Here I was, Survivor-style, on this beautiful empty beach somewhere north of Los Cardones Surf Lodge 3 hours from the main city of Managua where no one could hear a cry for help if needed. Amongst only Spanish-speaking people, a language at this time completely foreign to me.

Our first task was to clean up the beach. As I looked around my heart felt heavy and saddened by the abundant amount of colorful plastic that had washed onshore and littered the beach. This garbage which included medical supplies dumped carelessly by humans littered this once precious beach and suffocated its natural beautify. So we worked hard to restore the natural beauty the beach once possessed. We were making space for the Sea Turtle Nursery we were going to build next. We gathered the drift wood and started to construct the turtle nursery. Each year the Sea Turtles come back to the same beach they were born on to lay their eggs. Quite a miracle when you think about it. In Nicaragua poachers patrol the beaches day and night and collect the eggs right from under the turtle as they are hatching. They takes these eggs and eat them or sell them to restaurants for food. Sometimes they kill the turtle and use the meat to feed their families. Our job was to build a turtle nursery so Flora and Fauna and its volunteers could safely relocate the eggs. It would then be the responsibility of the Flora and Fauna team to protect the eggs allowing them time to mature and hatch under a mindful watch.

After the beach was clean and the nursery was built we were to wait for the sun to set so we could patrol the beach in shifts in the darkness of the night. But while we waited we swam in the river, did some yoga on the beach and joined in on a friendly game of baseball with the Flora and Fauna team. I started to think that secretly they needed us to clean the beach as it made the best baseball field for them to play and act like boys! I did take my turn at bat though. Sorry, off track. As night-time was upon us we built a fire on the beach and tried to sleep in between patrol shifts. The stars were so close I could reach up and touch them and my first thought was I’m definitely going to apply to go on the reality T.V show Survivor, I got this handled! ha! Yah right, as a few hours past, and the initial excitement of teenage girls at a slumber party feeling wore off, the soft sand below suddenly felt like concrete and the mosquitos and sand flies were having a feast on my flesh. The rain came and I used my umbrella as a tent, miserable. I was not getting any sleep but finally it was my turn to protect the beach! Duty calls.

We walked down the dark beach with head lamps, flashlights and the North Star guiding the way. All of a sudden we spotted a turtle laying its eggs but unfortunately the poacher got there before us and was already scooping them up in his leather burlap sack. Tears welled up in my eyes and I tried to choke them back. We failed! We begged and pleaded and finally negotiated and successfully bought the eggs off of him. Thank goodness. We took the eggs and quickly went and buried them carefully, in the turtle nursery. This wasn’t the only turtle we saw this evening laying eggs. Each turtle that came onto the beach, we carefully took all the eggs and safely relocated them to the nursery.

When dawn was upon us I looked around for my flip-flops but either the poacher helped himself or they were washed away with the tide. Bummer. Walking down a sandy beach with no flip-flop seems easy enough but after an hour or so into the trek my feet and legs were killing me but it was well worth the effort to contributing to the survival of a beautiful endangered species.

Our own actions bring about the situation we live in. You can only abuse and exploit animals if you feel disconnected from them. I feel connected, do you?

Being raised a meat eater makes this choice and change very dramatic but if you just reduce the amount of meat consumed and replace it with beans, kale, spinach and whole grains, you will be getting the same amount of nutrition. Day by day. Kale is the new beef! Make a conscious choice. Let’s work together to have a lighter impact on our planet by adopting a compassionate vegetarian diet, it’s a good place to start. Not everyone can do a handstand or head stand, but everyone eats. If you love animals, love ALL animals.

Watch the video I created of our volunteer work with Flora and Fauna

It’s time for a change. It’s time to come together. To protect the defenseless. To cultivate a responsible society. To recognize different societies. To see the virtue in being small and find the joy in every day. It’s time to hunt down corporation and to celebrate every small victory. It’s time to learn another language. Compassion can save our future. Together we are an ocean of forward momentum.” -Global Animal Welfare

I'm the GAWDS Representative for Nicaragua.

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