Living for the salvation of humanity is about bringing the light of consciousness into all areas of life. It fills my heart to serve you in hopes to inspire you, to be a supporter of unity and change and to fill your life with joy and love. Below you will find a few posts I shared on Facebook after removing myself from a difficult situation and some difficult relationships, it was the catalyst to merging back onto the high road. The detour was scenic and where valuable lessons were learned but staying here was not serving my higher self and was very uncomfortable. If you find your life hard pay attention, it is evicting you from the current situation, wake up! Here is what I did to get back on track (the high road), I hope it serves you the same ...

Sunday Vibes::: Circulating Stagnant Energy 💓✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ NOV. 13, 2016

Normally on Sunday I devote this day to resting and God but over the past several months I found my energy stagnating ---- crying, lashing and acting out to get my attention because I was not staying on my intended path. Circulating energy for awakening and expanding fell to the wayside. When life falls apart it is saying, wake UP, this stagnant energy needs to be broken up and cleared out! Life will start evicting you from these patterns as soon as you get too comfortable. So today, I´m circulating new energy into my life by changing my Sunday routine. Understanding energy can help you live a better life, if you sit back and don´t do anything, life will do it for you and often times it is not pretty or comfortable, I just experienced this. So today I ask you, what are the things you do a lot of and often? Stop doing it, just for a few days to create new energy. It is crucial to circulate new energy into our lives by making the right choices, by making choices that are productive and will bring us to our highest potential and evolution! When we create new energy and new patterns, the old shit slips away. If you do yoga every day, STOP, go running. If you surf everyday, STOP, go for a walk instead, if you meditate every day, STOP, go to a social gathering. Each time you do something often, an ego is created. Speak to people each day as though it is the last time you will see or talk to them, see the shift happen. So for the purpose of creating new energy I booked a flight to Brazil, I changed the way I take my morning coffee from the norm, I was overly kind and nice to the airline customer service agent when I called to redeem my flight credit and unfortunately had to pay a bit more. Every day we need to make ONE BOLD CHOICE! Starve your ego of your current addictions even if they are positive ones, this creates new energy and breaks up stagnant energy. Act on your excitement, look at the opportunities around you and choose the ones that contain the most excitement. To create new and exciting energy for the purpose of indirect manifestation to live a better life I will make make one bold choice each day, every day, for the rest of my life. Now, it is your turn!!!! What bold choice will you make today? What change from your daily routine will you change RIGHT NOW? Tell me!

  1. Circulate new energy into your life by making the right choices. Try new activities that are opposite of what you would normally do. Even healthy habits can cause your energy to stagnate. Circulating energy will help you awaken and expand. If you sit back and don´t do anything, life will do it for you by making it feel uncomfortable.

  2. What are the things you do a lot that are not productive to your higher evolution? Start to create new energy and new patterns and watch the old slip away.

  3. Make one bold choice every day! Illnesses are stagnant blocks of energy so start making some bold choices to circulate new energy into your life!

  4. Starve the ego of it´s addictions whether they are healthy or unhealthy:: do something new and different. If you go to yoga, stop ... go for a run. If you meditate, stop find a new activity that will also bring you peace.

  5. Meet your shadow side. Apologize to yourself and look in the mirror and tell yourself I LOVE YOU! When is the last time you told your self: I LOVE YOU?

Sunday Vibes::: Higher Vibes! 🌴🍉💓 November 27, 2016

Two weeks ago I was determined to circulate stagnant energy to raise my vibration to attract love, harmony and peace by changing my daily routine and habits. Doing things I don't normally do. Saying yes to things I normally said no, saying no to things I typically said yes. Doing little. Doing more. It's been a life changing experience. I discovered, in the space between yes and no there is a whole world, a lifetime. It's the difference between the path you walk and the one you leave behind; it's the difference between what you thought you could be and who you really are. You change your life by opening your mind and leading with your heart.

  1. Continue to bring variety into your life!

  2. Every decision you make is controlled by your values, beliefs and morals so get really clear on what these are. Make a list.

  3. Keep living your life of intention.

  4. Show others respect even when they do not respect you. See this as your opportunity to show your work. This is how we break the cycle of abuse. Respect your own power and the power of others. When someone insults you, they are showing you a time when they were hurt and insulted. Instead of reacting, acknowledging them and their pain will end this abusive pattern as it sits in the energy field and will raise your own vibration.

  5. When someone is nasty to you say ... I´m sorry your journey is so difficult dear soul. Seeing them as a tortured soul allows you to not take things personally. Walk away. Send out love and compassion.

2017· Game Changer::: Staying on the high road! January 2, 2017


Under the New Year´s stars, we danced and danced and danced until my 3am curfew was up!

Graciously excusing myself from the dance floor my wedges carried me not so gracefully down the cobble stone streets as I pushed my way through the dark busy streets of San Juan del Sur to meet my friends. ¨I´m here I yelled, like Cinderella, I made it!¨ as I approached them out of breath at 3:03 am I could see them waiting on the curb patiently in front of my truck as they were making a back up plan to come and drag me from the VIP area where they had last seen me tearing up the dance floor. It was in this moment that I understood that the people who come into our lives are just hypothetical situations to test us to see if we are really on the high road to see if we will continually keep choosing the high road or take a detour from our intended paths. Many new friends and old friends under different circumstances in the course of this evening, on different dance floors, in different areas of the town and on the beach with a background of fireworks crossed my path this evening. Many were surprised to see me out as this was the first time in 6 years I showed myself in the town on New Years Eve. It was fun and interesting interacting with many different characters and blessing each one of them but I don´t intend to spend too much time with a person I don´t want to become. But if you recall, a month ago I was determined to circulate new energy into my life by trying new activities completely opposite from my current habits and routine. Since I have been creating new energy in this way and new patterns the old shit has slipped away! Hooray! I´m currently vibrating at the highest level of love I have ever lived in and my life has become even better. Stepping into the light is where you are reborn. Many people don´t want to be pulled out of the shadows into the light but one day I hope they too will have the courage to join the collective consciousness and co-create with us on this planet. Everything and every situation is an opportunity to grow and evolve. So here´s to anchoring this high vibration and breaking the cycle of abuse in a respectable manner. This is the game changer for 2017! One who is pure in their journey should always stay motivated towards it and inspired towards it. Taking a detour is where you will learn your hardest lessons and where you will grow but just remember that is where suffering and pain resides, be grateful for these lessons as they are gifts. Make the right choices that will keep you on the high road that align with your truth, values, morals and highest self is the journey to be carried forward. The only thing that cannot be taken from you is the love you have in your heart and the high road you insist on walking.


Does circulating your energy raise your vibration? YES :::: ....

Andrea Kehler  Registered Acupuncturist, Certified Angel Card Reader, and Reiki Master.  January 2, 2017 Session Notes with Heidi Parker

Written by Andrea ....
The room became still as I called in the final Archangel to bring healing to Heidi. I began the acupuncture session with pulse diagnosis, a form of diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. The right side represents the masculine and the left side the feminine. I could feel in Heidi’s pulses that she is driven by her masculine side. The side that creates, moves, and sends one into action. Her left pulses showed me that she was also connected to her feminine energy, as I could feel gentle, nurturing energy flowing through her veins. The perfect balance for her at this time of masculine and feminine.  

Gently placing my hands on her feet I initiated Reiki and allowed the Angels to guide me.  The first word I heard was strength, and I could feel how grounded Heidi was in this energy. Her entire vibration radiated this personal power, a power that only someone who has seen and experienced a lot would be able to carry.  Heidi’s auric field was expansive, which told me she had created a lot of space for herself. This space would now allow her to support others through their own healing process, and it would allow her to call in new energy. Heidi did her work, and this takes courage. In order to raise our vibration we must have the courage to face our own inner demons. To clear away all that no longer serves us in order to allow our truth, our light, the divine, to flow through us.

We are being called to stand in our truth in 2017, and to claim our spiritual gifts in order to raise the consciousness of this planet. The time is now and I could see that Heidi was ready. The Angels showed me a vision of her holding a cornucopia filled with vegetables and abundance. I saw her passing around this abundance to others, a metaphor for bringing healing, guidance, and empowerment to those around her. The Angels showed me she has already been doing this through her business running an Air BnB but she was now ready to expand and build an even larger kingdom for herself. She was fully supported by the Universe, and Heidi experienced this knowing as well through a visualization of Archangel Michael passing her the keys. She has arrived! Heidi is now stepping out of her Karma and into her Dharma.



Every experience is an opportunity to grow and evolve. Waiting for others to become Godly only puts your journey on pause. Learning to respond with an opposite vibration to what is being thrown at you will help you eradicate it out of the energy field. If you are in search of guidance by myself or Andrea, be in touch! to schedule a therapy session in person or online. Love love love from the jungle of Nicaragua. XOXOOX Stay in the light, live your truth and be awesome! Love, Heidi