To all of those bad-ass women in my life who inspire me!

A dream starts with a possibility. Slowly the possibility gains momentum and grows into a wave of energy - a feeling of being aligned with your life´s purpose. Trusting your dreams and intuition takes practice. Day by day. My intuition never lets me down but sometimes I doubt myself. STOP DOING THIS. Successful women rely on their gut feelings to make important decisions, we analyze the facts but we go deep within our own souls and wait patiently for the answers to emerge. Sometimes we find the answers in the middle of a yoga practice, while floating out in the ocean, while cooking, in the bathtub, sharing a meal or drinking a glass of wine after a tough day. Do you sense a rising power within yourself? You must act upon it if you ever want to make a change. Trust yourself and do based on your consciousness, this is how we make our dreams come true! To create a network of authentic relationships we need opens, directness, honestly and vulnerability if we are to succeed in the long term in this current society. We need each other. Our main purpose is to understand we are not separate from one another but we belong to each other.

Now go … the world needs you!