All in a span of about 30 minutes a ¨has she learned from her past mistakes¨ kind-of-test was thrown my way. Not believing that the Universe or God ¨tests¨ us but we do get the opportunity to repeat the lesson if we haven´t learned it the first time. Being a person who works in the industry of healing and guiding others one needs to learn who is here to step up or who needs therapy. People never admit when they are hurting and people who are hurting accidentally hurt others. 

Today, an amazing solo 2-hour surf session enabled me to spot the lesson and gave me the opportunity to stand in my truth and power to be that light you are looking for - speaking my truth without apology to 3 men. *sigh*

Step up or step aside I said. Being single does not equal desperation!

Honestly, I´m looking for a conscious man who can join me on this journey and not just talk bullshit. Actions equate to dreams coming true, you can talk about it all you want but unless you take a step forward into the unknown like a courageous person would, nothing is going to manifest - whether we are talking about our dream job, a new lifestyle or commitment to a partner, it all requires positive action. Let´s get real.

Have you noticed some people speak without consciously understanding that words bleed and they have consequences?  Social Media has become a curtain for people to hide behind like in the Movie The Wizard of Oz and that bastard that tried to intimate Dorothy, the Tin Man and Scarecrow, he was a coward - some people send thoughtless messages out into cyber space because they are simply bored with their life and are looking for attention when they are broken and think it won´t effect anyone, well guess what, it does!

Until your words match your footsteps you won´t be able to keep up because if you want to catch my attention, you´ll need to be at my side, doing the hard work because the self-work is never ending. I don´t have time for meaningless bullshit or men who just ended a relationship and need saving or compassion, deal with it. Only you can save you. You´re broken, I can´t save you unless you believe in energy healing then you are on my path to be guided and healed so then I´ll send you an invoice.

The other night I surfed at sunset on one of the most secluded and dangerous beaches living in the moment and believing that all people are good and when the sun went down, me and a friend sat in our wet surf gear gazing at the stars and talked about the planets, the waves, stories from the bible and what our dreams look like and how we are going to take action in making them come true and before we knew it, it was 10:30pm - this is what I will make time for.

I´ll wait for the man who's consistently consistent, who´s actions match his footsteps or damn close, a man who isn´t perfect but he´s honest, a man who values his own time and mine and see´s that time is the most valuable thing we can give each other because we can´t ever get it back. Let´s not waste each other´s time please. If I don´t respond to your messages it is because::::  1.) I´m bored 2.) I don´t have time because I run my own business and 3.) I´ve gone surfing!

Today´s Lesson:::

  • Think before we speak or send a million text messages (is it kind, necessary and useful) Ask yourself, am I feeling lonely?
  • We are allowed to have high standards and don´t need to feel bad about it, raise them high!
  • Set boundaries for ourselves and others to protect your heart but be open until someone proves otherwise
  • Get real by being honest, direct and concise! No bullshit
  • Celebrate being single and alone and dancing in this sacred space. If you feel lonely then sit with that and learn to enjoy your alone time
  • We are ALL deserving of the most real and authentic love without having to make excuses and apologies for wanting it
  • Ask people to step up or step aside if they are talking in circles and words do not match their footsteps 
  • Listen to your intuition, listen to your heart and respond gracefully

WHY ... so we can continue to create the world around us the way we want to and live happy in love with ourselves and each other - we only get this one chance! We DO need each other, let us never forget that. Let´s take care of each other by having respect and being loyal. For the oneness that connects us all. xoxoxo

----love, Heidi


What does Heidi do?

When I'm in Nicaragua I host people in my very own private home, Casa Santosha, that is operated like a Bed & Breakfast providing: Nutritional Cooking, Surf Guiding, Private Surf & Yoga lessons with Thai Massage Body Work Assists, Energy Medicine & Archetype Readings, Guided Meditation & Pranayama, SUP Paddle Board Guiding/ Lessons and Yoga Play. I'm passionate about work with other Yoga & Fitness Instructors wanting to create a dream retreat in Nicaragua and other countries in the world, having discovered ideal locations suitable for a variety of retreats I have created special packages for offering. When I'm not in Nicaragua I offer Social Marketing Services and help market retreats through social media. I can be contracted for Private Yoga Classes, Workshops, SUP, Thai Massage, Cooking Lessons, Retreats and much much more. Just ask!