After ....

It begins with a dream. An empty space.

A desire to fulfill both... with love, passion, purpose and hope for a sustainable future.

Accepting that we can’t change the world but determined to change ourselves while believing that our actions will become contagious and inspire positive change in others, this is me, this is all I can do, living my purpose and walking my intended path.

Being in Nicaragua for almost four years was not getting away from it all but getting in touch with it all. And over the years I’ve learned how to carry that with me any where I go. Internal peace and acceptance for who I really am, not apologizing for it but owing my imperfections and living for me and not for what others believe me to be.

My intention to live consciously with simplicity and awareness while having love and compassion for all beings requires constant awareness. My daily actions and the way I live is meant to inspire you, not just these words on the page, although they are necessary as well but action is the main requirement in initiating the change.

My life has been an evolutionary process born out of abundant tragedies like a Hollywood Film, a drama based on human suffering that invokes an audience.  Instead of falling into destructive habits, my hardships enabled me to seek inner strength to live a life of health and wellness. Forcing myself out of bed each day wasn’t always easy, it took consistency, self-work, self-love, healing, changing patterns, taking risks, realizing dreams and acting upon them was the only way forward. Step by step, forward, not looking back.

Life is an evolution and a transformation that comes out of burning down to the ground and rising up out of the ashes to rebuild a new and better you. The destination, the ultimate goal is to find peace within. It never gets easier. It has only gotten harder but somehow I get better at rebuilding from a solid foundation. Each time I create something new it’s like birthing a child. It’s not easy but rewarding because this child is essentially you.

I don’t know where you end and I begin. You are the universe and so am I.

Life is a constant flow of energy. This I know. This is all I really know. Because I can feel it. You can’t rush a river. You can’t slow the creative flow, you can only surrender to it.

Not from my ego, but from my heart ...

I’m so very fucking proud and grateful for discovering my life purpose! Over the past four years I have been taking my greatest risks and hurdling some of the hardest life lessons but it has been the most rewarding moments in my life.

This year Santosha OrgaNica & Boutique was born. Through my time in Nicaragua I saw an opportunity to bring something positive to the little touristy beach town of San Juan del Sur.  It was important to me as a foreigner living here to contribute to the growth of a place positively through health and wellness.  In my time here, if anything, this is what I want to be remembered for. What do you want to be remembered for?

My dream to share my passion for a healthy lifestyle through a retail store finally manifested. The concept became a niche and became the first organic store carrying natural products. My childhood friend Melissa joined me and together we brought this dream to life, because two are stronger than one.

After successfully owning and operating Santosha OrgaNica & Boutique for 9 months we realized it wasn’t our passion to stay in the operations of our retail store. Creating and cultivating this store was part of our path and purpose but then the ultimate goal became clear, we must pass the torch and empower someone else who had a similar dream and a determination to keep the dream alive. Like a true artist, you can’t hold onto something beautiful once it’s been created, the artist must pass on their work for someone else to cherish. We listened to the soft whispers of our hearts and allowed (God), the Universe to guide our decisions with positive intention.

We are not only a part of this revolution of change, we are the change. And as all business transactions should be, we negotiated a price that not only involved money but a vehicle as part of the payment. It’s business as usual but not really usual. We shared in joyous tears, compassionate hugs and handed over our baby, our legacy - and the keys!  

I can really only speak for myself ... but I think it’s safe to say that a part of our hearts and souls, mine and Melissa's, will remain in the physical store space - because we meditated there, lived there, prayed there, created there, loved there. The store is a physical reflection of our souls. For those of you who had the opportunity to visit, thank you for sharing in the experience, and thank you for supporting our dream and the world in a conscious way.

Be the revolution, embrace the shift and accept that hugs are replacing handshakes in a business deal!

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Santosha OrgaNica & Boutique

A store with a purpose, because we are more than just a retail store, this is our life!

Active people who want to share their passion for a natural and healthy lifestyle. In today's' world our retail purchases cast a vote for the kind of world we wish to create and live in.

We enjoy an active lifestyle in Nicaragua and want to extend our knowledge and share our love and passion for surfing, yoga, health, wellness and the beach life by introducing organic natural products that we use on a daily basis.

Everything purchased for the store has been well thought out because we respect the planet and the oneness that connects us all. Believing that the simple life leads to contentment (Santosha). Our store carries natural organic products from Nicaragua. We support artists, creators, dreamers and small businesses alike - people who have had the courage to live our their dreams because your passions become your purpose. Our store has purpose. Think before you consume and live a healthy active life.

Living in an under developed country can have its challenges when it comes time to finding Natural Organic Products necessary to maintain and achieve overall wellness. Throughout the years we have discovered unique products, and have created some of our own. We want to share them with our local community and visitors alike within one unique store.

We hope to improve the overall wellness of the local community, and our universal online family through education and sharing knowledge, while promoting the organic agriculture and developing consciousness about the conservation of the environment.

We believe that food in its pure state, without artificial additives, colors, sweeteners and preservatives, has the best flavor and offers the richest nourishment.

The store will also feature specialty products created by friends within Nicaragua, and some who are currently traveling the world who are true artists in their own field, and share in our dreams, vision and passion for  the surf, beach, yoga, wellness lifestyle.

Thank You's: Thank you to all who believed in us as much as we believed in ourselves.

Desi Swimwear, Pink Puka Beach Wear, Trisa Love Joy Jewelry, Christy Feaver Jewelry & House of Alaia, Pearl Lagoon (Jim), Katie from Bonnie Lassie Spa, Lori Tenant Fine Furnishings, Lola in the Market, Momotombo Chocolate, Matt for bringing the mediation, Sailor Jody - Sailor Jo, Ana the artist, Belkys with the women's co-op, Lorena and the family of Hotel Estrella.