IMG_0455 Dear Soul Mate, my home is your home, the door is open and so are my arms to welcome you home when you arrive. I don’t want to think. I just want to feel. Let’s live in the moment resembling the life Mother Nature intended for our souls to unite.

Being happily single for three years has made me look at friendships and relationships in a way I had never thought of before.

Living in Nicaragua has it’s challenges and finding solid friendships, true love, soul mates, or twin flames has been one of them. Since love comes and goes as quickly as the airplanes fly in and out of Managua International Airport and as freely as the tide washes upon the beautiful sandy shores of the Pacific Coast I have been fortunate to have met many people in the midst of their seeking that could easily be my soul mate. Most travelers come for a week, some return year after year and some never leave like me. The ones that stay are equally seeking. Living a perpetual vacation is a lifestyle that every one dreams about but earning a living from a never-ending staycation isn’t easy nor is it attainable for most. Some of the most creative, talented, giving, loyal, loving, people have crossed my path and I feel so grateful for this life and them. Bless your souls.

Soul mates ...

Recently I was driving to Managua, three hours from the town of San Juan del Sur where I live and me and a friend got onto a fun topic of soul mates. The topic of love came up during the long drive and the question was, “Do you believe in one life love partner, one soul mate or several?” As my friend and I debated back and forth we ended up agreeing to disagree. My friend believes that we only get one chance, one  opportunity to meet that one true love of our lives, he believes we have only one soul mate and he is searching for his day in and day out but also sitting back enjoying the daily moments trusting his soul mate will appear when the timing is right.

In my past life, life before my parents got divorced and my father died I too commonly believed that we were meant to only have one soul mate or life partner but the more I get to know my own soul the more I feel differently. Soul mates tend to find each other during their respective pursuits and seeking of their soul missions. Have you found your life purpose? Have you asked yourself in each difficult situation “what lesson is my soul trying to learn?” We recognize a soul mate by the supreme level of comfort and security we feel with the person. Have you ever met someone and instantly felt a connection? Only spending minutes, hours or a week together but it feels so natural as if you have known them in a past life. How else could it be this easy? Your energy feels so aligned with this person that if you get close enough to them physically you could feel the electric current that pulses through their bodies directly into yours without even touching? We are made of energy.

I’ve heard your soul mate is supposed to be someone who you have spent lifetime after lifetime with in an endless exchange of love and relationships and have finally found each other again. YAY! Such a beautiful thought. How else can we explain this type of freedom in a new relationship? It is said that with your soul mate it isn’t surprising if you experience a natural affinity, a deep deep friendship, maybe love, intimacy, compatibility and a shocking electrical current that could light up New York city for years. In honesty I never heard anyone say that but I just made it up as these are some of the most recent energy exchanges and connections that have lit up my soul. My recent twin flame has been someone who is most like me in every way as if I’m looking into a mirror. And because I love myself and my life I have the same love for them instantaneously allowing for a seamless transition into my life without any questions asked.

Don't let fear or sorrow become your soul mate.

You will be able to recognize these people with just one look and the energy will travel into your heart like sun rays shining down from the heavens and the unexplainable instantaneous chemistry and love will be undeniable as the magnetic field attracts you to one another without explanation. These are special people who go with the grain of your soul or like how a puzzle fits together seamlessly creating a beautiful picture. Pay attention to this energy and allow these people into your life so you may receive the gifts they have been sent to generously share with you. They are here for a purpose, a reason.

The Law of Attraction states that you will draw into your life whatever it is you think about. Be careful about what seeds of intentions you are planting and watering daily because over time you grow these thoughts negative or positive into your reality over time. If you have positive thoughts your intentions will grow into a beautiful plentiful garden producing abundance and love in your life. If you are thinking negative thoughts, even a negative thought as simple as “I really don’t like this car, I want a new one,” soon over time the car will break down and show you how much you really don’t like it and then you will have to replace it even if you don’t have the money to do so. Your wish has been granted! A voilà!

We manifest our thoughts into our currently reality just as an artist paints a canvas solely from imagination not even having to look at the physical scenery as it happens unconsciously.  Maintaining positive thoughts is the only way to live a happy life. Choose happiness just as you would choose a healthy salad for lunch off a menu in a restaurant. Order your emotions for the day just as you would your food. You have total control here. It is your life! Live in the moment, not in thoughts of the past or thoughts of the future but live here today in positive thought, love and intention. The past and future do not exist so why waste precious daylight hours on these thoughts. A soul mate will bring you into your own attentions so you can have the courage to change your life.

When you are with your soul mate you will feel pure freedom, pure joy, contentment (Santosha) and most importantly a great love for yourself allowing yourself to love them unconditionally. The job of our soul mates is to reflect back to us the areas in our lives that need the most healing so we may grow.  An equal exchange of energy comes from a place of love and truth. You should always be able to communicate openly and freely to your soul mate because the lessons of life will only help our souls to grow. Your soul mate has the introspection to help you become great! If you end up breaking up with your soul mate because you didn’t like something they may have said, take a good look within your soul and be honest with yourself. Are you going against the grain of your soul while trying to seek out your life purpose? Don’t deny this kind of connection as it is so powerful it could change your life into that endless summer or perpetual vacation you have been dreaming about with your eyes open for the majority of your life.

Learn how to control the ego, your mind and change negative thoughts into positive intentions that will manifest the life you’ve always wanted to live. Meditation, yoga, surfing, Pranayama (breath control) are ways to control the mind providing you clarity and power to live in the NOW.

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