biking on the beach I woke up this morning eager to write. Well, actually I woke up this morning because it was impossible to sleep, who am I kidding. Oh the simple troubles in paradise and trying to figure out a way to find balance, love, peace and happiness even when things are not perfect takes practice itself. This time of year in Nicaragua brings some crazy wind and all this energy gets things stirring inside of me. Normally I feel so at peace here in the jungle with a light breeze keeping the constant sweat slightly cooled but when the wind picks up intensely my sleeping patterns are disrupted and my thoughts are restless. My mind resembles a wind turbine at high-speed. It is very challenging to meditate when it sounds like the jungle is about to crash down on my roof and surf boards and gardening tools are getting thrown across the landscape.

Nica windfarm On a positive note, the wind farm in Nicaragua located only 20 km from my home generates electricity at a 39.9 MW. It is a renewable power plant to meet energy deficit with clean energy. Here, Nicaragua is replacing fossil fuels with wind energy. It has reduced the dependency on oil imports and pollution -hooray! AND it has created 145 jobs for several local Nicaraguans during the construction and has led to 18 permanent jobs. So proud to call Nicaragua my home.

Before waking I was dreaming about nature, about surfing and when I opened my eyes and remembered my dream I reminded myself that being connected to each other and nature is to live in oneness and anything separate is an illusion and a choice. In order to evolve we need to dissolve boundaries. Boundaries being our beliefs in thinking we are different from one another and special as individuals because we were told that by our parents when we were children. In actuality we are the same because every person’s needs, wants and desires are the same. We are here on this earth to experience with our five senses and to figure out our dharma, our purpose. I’m going to write anther blog about that but first let’s just speak about peace, love and happiness.

Peace, love and happiness are not things we can wish or hope for. These are things that we can make and cultivate within our own self and our own life. Peace, love and happiness are things we can do, things we can make, and are things we can give away that won’t cost us a cent. We all possess this. Do you see the similarity now?

We all have eyes so we can see the best in people. We all have a heart that is able to forgive the worst, can heal and love again. We all have a mind that can be trained to be silent and to forget the bad. We all have a soul that can live on forever and never lose faith in the oneness, the Universe or if you want to call it God.

Each day that we wake begins a new and having another day is like a second chance to make this one better than the last. Today is a new day of energy, love, peace, happiness and ideas just waiting to be created!

We all have been gifted this choice. Like the wind farm in Nicaragua that generates clean energy, so can you! Let your wind energy generate peace, love and happiness!

Come Seeking, you might just learn something :)

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