Most of you know I'm back in Whistler where I lived for 10 years prior to moving to Nicaragua two years ago. It's been an amazing four weeks in the mountains with my loving friends. Breathing the fresh air and feeling the coolness on my skin has never felt better. But it's strange, here my mind has been so active. Whistler is so full of energy that it has sent my mind into over drive. I'll be out in nature and start to feel inspired but as soon as I get back indoors all the creative words melt away. I feel like I've been letting my blog readers down. Everyone is in a hurry here, rushing from one place to the next. Hardly stopping to take in the beauty that surrounds us and it really has had an effect on me. I love it here but I'm looking forward to being back in the ocean on my surf board so I can gain some clarity, some peace and start creating and inspiring YOU again!

With that said...I'm so grateful for my time in Canada and I wouldn't trade it for a second. I hear the ocean calling but first I'll be attending the Wanderlust Festival with a full fledge Press Wristband that gives me full access to the event.

Here is the letter that won me this amazing pass. Never give up on your dreams friends, and always believe in yourself.


Letter to the Pique News Magazine.

It seems like yesterday I had accepted the Sales Manager position at the Pique News Magazine. Oh the memories, total nostalgia now as I look up at Whistler’s majestic Peaks and read my favorite newspaper, Pique Newsmagazine, recalling the memories.

Julia McCabe current well-known Whistler-celeb-yogini was my trusty sales coordinator at the time, circa 2005. She was the glue that held the sales department together nonetheless. She was the anchor of our team, the rock, the peace keeper, the organizational blessing that got us through Wednesday’s dreaded deadline seamlessly so we could send the paper to print. And funny enough she still provides the same support in my life to this day. She is a solid person, a friend, a wonderful yoga teacher and my guru.

During coffee breaks Julia used to encourage me to come to her nightly yoga class where she rendezvoused as a Yoga Teacher by night. But, the thought of being indoors on a hot summer day sweating it out on stinky carpet after the 9-5 desk job was not gonna happen, so I never went. Adding some spirituality into my life and learning to meditate and clear my mind would have helped me deal more effectively and efficiently with our weekly deadline, if only I had trusted Julia back then.

Back to circa 2005, if you had told me to write my life story as to where I’d be in 2010, after the Olympics, in 5 years I’d never have guessed I’d be joining Julia in Nicaragua for her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and neither of us would no longer be working for  the Pique.  Also, if you had told me that I would never return to Canada, only to buy property in Nicaragua, build a home and start a business I’d have laughed out loud - but that is exactly what happened. Nothing in the universe is random. I know that now. Julia was meant to come into my life and onto my path and a part of our paths in meeting can be attributed to the Pique. After all, the Pique has contributed to the growth of the Whistler community by documenting it’s growth, never skipping a beat with Kathy Barnett’s spirit and legacy leading the way.

So here I am, back in Canada to renew my Permanent Resident card and take in the natural beauty Whistler has to offer. I feel like such a tourist even though I called Whistler home for 10 years. But...nothing is random, right?!?

There is an old saying, “I can see right through you,” and there has never been a more valid time than this one to start living more consciously. There is a shift happening and if you are in tune with your higher-mind then you already know what I’m saying and are aware of the necessity to live, walk and speak your truth. It is time to live more transparently - to lead by example, to create, grow, expand and inspire.

At the beach, or in the mountains, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.

Living in Nicaragua and spending lots of time in the ocean and in the jungle provides me a lot of time. Time alone, but not really alone when you think about the oneness and the connectedness of all things and beings. I do hear the echo. I do have time to sit with myself. I take the time. Time to sit with thought, or no thought. Time to determine my life’s purpose. Time to listen to my heart-mind and to follow my dreams and intuition, let them expand and grow. Time to climb the highest peak where I can gain a 360 degree view of the world, of the nature that surrounds me. Time to find my higher mind. Consciousness. Awareness. Time means nothing here. On top of the world where you can see forever. From here you can hear the echo. (You will get back what you put out. What you think and say will come back to you. Can you hear the echo?)The valley of the ego-mind does not offer the same view.

I have the time. I take the time but time does not dictate what I want to create. Live in time but not by time.

I often turn within to seek the answers I may need but I also find comfort in the fact that there may not be an answer. Silence. Meditation. Being in the jungle and on a surf board in the ocean allows me to connect with nature. I spend many days observing nature and the natural cycle of life as it unfolds before my eyes. Time has slowed down here. Some people still drive a cart pulled by an Ox. Time has no meaning. They will get there when they get there. The work will get done when it gets done. Living in time but not by time.

I Often ask myself the question, “how can I change my lifestyle to reflect a more natural way of life, like nature?” Transparency. Nature does not care about time. Nature goes with it’s own flow. Nature doesn’t look at it’s watch and say, “It’s time to change the season.” Nope, it just does. Nature was not made by time. Nature grows. A seed expands from within and eventually complicates itself and turns into a plant, that is a beautiful thing. My dreams were seeds that were planted many years ago and with the proper care of love, meditation and courage they complicated themselves and expanded out of my consciousness and manifested into reality.

Time does not belong in nature. I have come to learn that time is a limitation that man brought into human nature but is not a part of nature itself. Time is ego. Time is a way to control us. Back in North America time used to govern my life. I have become accustomed to “Nica-time.” In my own good time I get things done. I go with the true natural flow inside of me. I want to expand like a seed in nature and turn my life into something beautiful. Freedom. Freedom from time. I’m reprogramming myself and becoming more and more transparent. Blossom into your full potential. You were created to grow and shine your light.

If you want to accomplish something you must first expect it from yourself. Ego is the false self. Ego is not authentic. Be authentic like nature. Strive to connect with your higher-mind.

Kundalini is the primordial cosmic power which is within us an around us always. When the inner kundalini is awake it turns us inward to our soul, the source and the divine. It is the beginning of the spiritual journey that enables us to experience the inner spiritual world, your higher mind. Turning within can lead you to the inner guru.

My inner guru is telling me to live in time. Live in the moment. Breathe. Expand. Grow. Shine and GO TO WANDERLUST. I hope to connect with Julia McCabe at Wanderlust and many of the other wonderful inspirational teachers so I can learn, expand, grow and contribute to this beautiful festival and the collective consciousness of Whistler and the world.

Paz y amor, (peace and love)


Check out my teacher Julia Mccabe cool video! And come see her at Wanderlust! She has a teacher training in Nicaragua this October, contact me for details!