The dog days are over.

Some days the song “The Dog Days Are Over,” has been the theme song for many a road trip. A soundtrack to be played with friends or on a “solo mission.”  It’s words of beauty and inspiration ring through to my core. This song in particular speaks to my soul. I’ve danced stupidly to it like no one was watching, clapped my hands to it happily but sadly enough with each clap a child somewhere in the world dies to its beat. I’ve enjoyed a celebration toast to it with friends and screamed the words from the top of my lungs without taking a breath. I’ve done yoga to it. Every day may I be reminded by the truth of its words and the sacred meaning behind them. Everyday I listen to it and its words take me to great heights. Today I will play this song if I feel like giving up because if tomorrow comes - there is no turning back.

Some days I have a lot to say and other days I sit in silence. Some days I love the company of others and other days I enjoy being alone. Some days I love to talk a friend’s ear off and other days I only want to listen. Some days I teach and other days I only want to learn. Some days I relish in the memories of my father and other days I purposely forget the tragedy. Some days I love doing yoga and other days I simply don’t make the time. Some days I’m sad and other days endless waves of happiness come over me at the strangest of moments. Some days I have the courage to go on and other days the thought of heading down my new path makes me question the road ahead. Some days I meditate to control my mind waves and on other days, the days I don't, my mind thoughts control me. Some days I remember old friends and other days I’m too busy making new ones. Some days I practice my goal of non-attachment and other days I mistake it for detachment. Some days I turn the detachment into connection and other days I can't help but to pull away. Some days I can inspire myself and other days I need to find motivation from other sources. Some days I give lots of hugs and other days I need some in return. Some days I paddle out and other days I sit on the beach contemplating the waves. Some days I paddle for a set and other days I just enjoy the rainbows that come from the mist off a closeout set not worth paddling for.  Some days I believe in love and am inspired by it and other days it was merely just a thought in passing from the day before. What’s love got to do with this anyway. Some days my heart is free and other days it’s trapped by my past. Some days I bring clarity and compassion to a community that needs it and other days I doubt my abilities.

That’s just some days and other days. ...

Every day I send out positive energy to our Universal Family. Every day I'm reminded by the good others are contributing. Every day I wake up. Every day I offer up forgiveness to the people who need it. Every day I ask for forgiveness. Every day I promise to love myself. Every day I accept my own imperfections. Every day I remember the revolutionary freedom and happiness that will come by telling the truth. Every day I step out of deception and into the truth. Every day I teach. Every day I learn. Every day I share. Every day I face my ego and let it go. Everyday I practice non-judgment. Every day I respect myself and my decisions. Every day I appreciate my family and friends. Every day I speak the truth. Every day I laugh. Every day I breath. Every day I have respect for mother nature and mother earth. Every day I face the pain of my history with courage, healing compassion and forgiveness and I’m learning to move on.

That’s just every day. ...

Today I will give. Today I will forgive. Today I will love everyone that steps onto my path. Today I will enjoy today. Today I will live for today. Today I will do everything that I can. Today I will practice Santosha - contentment with what I have. Today I won't regret. Today I won't look back. Today I will surf the waves of karma ....and tomorrow I will write about it.

That’s today. ...

Tomorrow there is no turning back. Today is what really counts because tomorrow may never come.

What are you Seeking? You only have one life.  Make this one count.

Bonjovi said it best. “It's my life It's now or never I ain't gonna live forever I just want to live while I'm alive (It's my life) My heart is like an open highway Like Frankie said I did it my way I just wanna live while I'm alive It's my life.” In Nicaragua we say  "Una Vida.”

After all, we only have one - One life!

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