Just when I thought I was contributing positive energy to our universal family, another humanitarian, one that even Oprah might cry over comes along and trumps me like Donald Trump trumped the make over Oprah wanted to give him. Bigger and better but minus the bad hair and bank account. Contributing twice as much to our positive universal energy bank than I am. Damn. Show me the “not for profit money.”

As we drove up the Sea to Sky high way on our way to Whistler, BC to enjoy the free music and action of the annual Ski and Snowboard festival we headed this way to cultivate new and old relationships, possibly sever a few that weren't serving us anymore. Not fully aware that this was our intention, it came around full circle upon exiting Whistler. But rewind for a second, in the car, we had a drooling dog, a pre-school teacher amongst two yogi’s/ certified trained yoga teachers. Sure, we have lots to say about relationships ranging from Jesus because it was Easter weekend, Buddha because we are yogi’s and relationships with kids ranging from three years old to men that still act like they are three. No offense to my faithful male readers. There will be no male bashing here. We need you guys. I know this. Again, back to relationships. We were discussing all sorts of relationships and referring back to riveting talks by interesting people we had found on Ted Talks. Yes, the big bang theory came up, Thelma’s favorite topic along with two of my personal recent favorites, the newest Zeitgeist Movie and Robert Sapolsky’s Standford Speech. How does this all relate? It’s science. The uniqueness of humans, our relationships with one another. It’s all a part of our universe. Our universal family. As Robert Sapolsky would agree, our moral imperative to use our knowledge to make a change in this world even if we are only one person. A contradiction of sorts, but this is when we must use our wisdom and knowledge and pass it along. Back to the car, where we were having a conversation about relationships as Thelma navigated our way on the windy highway considered one of the most beautiful and romantic drives in the world. Relationships...

Seems like just yesterday before we headed out on our mission: Eat our way through Italy, Bike it off In Croatia and go to Nicaragua to Pray -we were driving that Uhaul from Vancouver to Whistler to pack, sell and move my things and have a conversation of closure with “you know who.” And if you “don’t know who.” You can always go back and read the first of my blogs to get the whole picture. Really, all my bogs are related and interconnected. A relationship of blogs strung together through words of truth and pain followed by hope led by wisdom, knowledge and finished by, of course, santosha.

Not living in the past, because living for today. Truly today, in the moment. I won’t go back there. Living in the past, longing for a better future. Leaving, “you know who” in the dust. On this car ride we determined that there can be all kinds or relationships. New, old, tired, fresh, short-lived, long-lived, necessary, unnecessary, painful and inspirational. Some of us are willing to give and give energy to certain relationships. One might call these dysfunctional or co-dependent. These kind of relationships are like energy vampires that suck the life out of you leaving us weak to give to a more important relationship with ourselves or others that are worthy. We must acknowledge these wrong ones and let go. We should maintain and cultivate the ones worth keeping and we should ditch the ones that’s aren’t working for us and are not serving us any longer.

As I looked out the window one couldn’t miss the massive snow-capped mountains plunging out of the ocean reaching toward and scraping the sky. The fresh spring air came through the crack of the window, seat heater on, the warmth of the sun beaming through the windshield. No dust in sight. Not saying I don’t miss Nicaragua. But it is a blessing to be here. Smelling the fresh crispness of the air and seeing the signs that winter was coming to an end and spring was on it’s way, I was reminded that some relationships are like seasons. They can come and go in a season. Short-lived, lasting only a season or starting and growing, bringing in a new season in an inspirational way.

Have you ever had a moment and thought you were finally on the right path after being on the wrong one for a long time? You are here. Now. You are in the groove. You got this! Finally. Figured out. And then *BAM* a new person, a teacher per say, not an actual teacher but a teacher because they are doing good things in the humanitarian sector of the universe and are truly contributing to the positive energy bank that we all borrow from. This person has now stepped onto your path. Aware of their presence, sitting side by side because they are leading but not in a Hitler-kind-of way, but more of a revolutionary one that is slight but significant at the same time. With purpose. With meaning. It is at this juncture you realize that you could be or should be doing more in your life to mirror this person. After all, when we look in the mirror, who do we see? The Good, The Bad or The Ugly? I personally see the people I strive to be, like Oprah or this owner of 9Lives Adventures. This person mirrors our best but makes us strive to be better. Amazing in their own way. A humanitarian type that just keeps giving in ways you never thought possible. You look in the mirror and think - “damn, I thought I, (capital I) was doing great things, but “I” can do better, “I” can contribute more.” This weekend I met this person and it was a good reminder to keep forging down my own path. The path of Freedom. Remembering, pain is temporary. Freedom is permanent. (previous blog) That reminds me, I need to get back to Nicaragua and get to that gas station in the middle of nowhere to thank that amazing man who helped saved my friend’s life. A member of our universal family that ‘got involved.’

The path I mentioned in an early blog, the one that led me where I am today, “the universe drew a tiny line in the sand and I had my eyes open at that moment, open to the signs and chose to follow them.”  I have chosen a path which I know is the right one. I have a life purpose and one of my Guru’s, Will Blunderfield, would be proud of me.  But now I must remind my self from time to time. Look back over my shoulder to remember which direction I came from. Look in the mirror, not only seeing myself but the change I want to see in the world and who I want to become. Remind myself of that moral imperative that guided me here in this direction in the first place. This is the time to do more. We can all do more.  Some people are an inspiration and it’s these relationships that are far more important than the ones we sit and cry over half the time. Like the ones that make us hit our heads against the wall or drain our energy completely. The ones that make us question our efforts in a negative way. We need to cultivate the relationships that make us better people. I am a teacher but more importantly I am a student. And my most favorite cherished relationships are with people who are teaching and contributing to our universal family as a whole.

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