Surf Nicaragua. Surf San Juan Del Sur surrounding beaches. It's all here.

San Juan Del Sur. Ground Zero. The heart of surf. Surfing, music, sunsets, nightlife, surfboards, repairing surfboards. The nica kids are going wild with the surf, with the arts, trying to keep up with the rest of the modern world. Surfing is an art. Poverty surrounds the town which can be walked - on cobble stone streets through colorful impoverished neighborhoods. Life isn’t easy here but it’s chill. You can find peace amongst some chaos but that’s the beauty of this developing third world country. Here you will find a sense of community.  Family. “One universal Family.” Local surfers and travelers find themselves here for the same reason. Love for the surf, the sun, the yoga, the lifestyle. The locals, they are the true surfers. Not being paid to surf. Not mimicking. Living the sun and surf life that most of us dream about or pay thousands of dollars for a similar vacation. They love and respect what mother nature gave them. Living santosha. Content with what they have. Beautiful beaches and 360 days of surf-able waves. Revolution. Minding their own business. Making ends meet. And then minding their own business as travelers pass through. Catching waves. Owning the waves. Generously sharing the waves. Teaching. Giving what they can. Some of them. Earning. Taking only what they’ve earned or have been given. Others taking because they know no other way. Because they have nothing. Letting go. Holding on. Just going crazy. Ain’t no more boundaries between surf and yoga and music and friendship and and ...and....what a place! It’s own world. What a time. They stay connected to their universal family through social media. A main vein to the rest of the modern world. Four main surf companies all competing for business. Each containing a different vibe. Copying. Each has it’s own story to its existence. Una Vida. One life. Some people come here and they never leave. The people who don’t fall in love never opened their eyes. The locals. Sometimes I can see the pain. Years of oppression. War. Devastation. But you can see right through to the love in their hearts. They love. They know love. Love is all they have. Love is free. It’s a gift that they can give. All they can give. A smile. A laugh, they give that too. Many local surfers struggling to find themselves. They paddle for peace. To find inner stillness. Happiness. Freedom. Contentment. Involution. Love the paddle. Riding through the barrel. Breaking the lip. Their own style. With hearts so big you’d only miss it because you’ve noticed their amplitude on the waves. Eyes that sparkle. Smiles that warm your heart. After a cold day in the pacific. Dark roots. Golden bronze ends. Roots that run deep. Surf warriors. Loving what they do. True warriors. Chaos. When something is in ruins it can lead to transformation. Come and enjoy the surf, but remember to give a smile and love in return. Research the history of Nicaragua before you come. The oppression. The devastation from past earthquakes, war and volcanic eruptions. Learn some history and then. Come see the beauty. Come for the adventure. Bring your spirit. Your surfboard. Your yoga mat. Enjoy the surf!! ---and. and and some yoga!


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